My First Real Post

RDS8000 First Test Day Aug 27

(I’m the guy 2nd from the left…)

It’s a monumental event! I’ve actually created my first “real” post to my personal Blog that I established recently (recently…not really…. I actually signed up months and months ago.. but I wouldn’t want to rush into anything…)

The thing is being one of the R&D guys at Hobby Shack/Hobby People/Global/Airtronics USA has kept me pretty busy since then. Tradeshows from Toledo to California, and even in Shanghai and Beijing, China have made it seem like I’m never home. My kids hardly remember my name (luckily I bring them the odd-present or two which helps jog their memory.)

I would say my work here at the ‘Shack is pretty darn exciting. Well exciting for me since I’ve been into R/C hobbies since I was born. I’m a 2nd generation flyer. But enough about me.

Tons of GREAT stuff is happening in the hobby. I see a lot of it pretty early on and think maybe other R/C Pilots might enjoy seeing some of this stuff too.

For example. At the end of August I flew the first 2.4GHz Sanwa/Airtronics airplane radio every made. It was a hand-made sample built from an RD8000. Today, we have the first production quality samples of the transmitter (receiver case is not quite done yet) already! I’ve sent some out to some of our pilots for testing at some of the most interference ridden flying fields in the USA. Everyone wants 2.4GHz radios from Airtronics RIGHT NOW! But, we’re not releasing a thing until the factory engineers, our flight team, and ME agree that the radio is performing flawlessly. So, extensive testing is being done all across the country.

I get the fun job of not only trying one myself, but Sanwa/Airtronics extensively test the radio with our team all across the country! Fun stuff.

Anyway, I’m not sure where all this blogging stuff will go, but I think it will be fun to show off some of the fun hobby stuff I’ve been doing and get connected with all you modelers blogging out there (well, when you’re not at the flying flield!)

I do requests to so if anyone has any R/C Related Hobby questions/comments/concerns/requests, feel free to let me know. I’ll do everything I can to help you out.

Later all!


-Dedicated to the true champions, those who fly for fun!!!!


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3 Responses to “My First Real Post”

  1. Skip Dorman Says:

    Mike, On the RDS8000, can channels 7 or 8 be slaved to the throttle for twin engine operation?? Also I have a RDS and 2 receivers on order, can’t wait to get it.

  2. mikegoesflying Says:

    I talked to Jack (who runs the toll free Airtronics service no.)

    Here’s what he said:
    In answer to the customers question, you can do what he wants to do but with reservations. Channel 8 could be set up for idle and high throttle positions using Channel 8 EPA’s for one of the engines. Channel 3, the throttle channel could also be set for idle and high throttle operation using its EPA’s for the other engine. This is done separately. Next you can use Compensation Mixer #1 to make Throttle the Master and Channel 8 the Slave. The Throttle to Channel 8 Mix would be set at 100%. Once both engines have been tuned for proper low and high speed operation, the Compensation Mixer switch, located to the left of the HOV-PI switch would be turned on and remain on. Both Channel 3 and Channel 8 servos would then respond to the Throttle stick. However, there is a major problem in trying to do this. The Throttle trim will only trim Channel 3! That is not a desirable thing if both engines are running too fast at low throttle when you are in the air. You could have a very unsafe situation since the engine that cannot be trimmed could cause the model to slew, turn or roll, and your rudder control may not be sufficient to correct the problem.

    Mike’s comments: You can use this but you better be sure low-stick and proper trim is set! Jack actually does not recommend this setup due to his concerns about the trim.

    Because it’s only a twin, it really might just be simpler to use a Y

  3. Skip Dorman Says:

    Thanks Mike. I currently fly 2 twins on a y harness with a Futaba 6XAs. I am waiting patiently?????? (with much anticipation) for the RDS 8000 I have on order. CAN’T WAIT TO GET IT!. thanks again Skip D

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