35 Year Anniversary

35th AnniversaryOne of the very extra nice things that happened at the Chicago show was a plaque presented to us to celebrate our 35th Anniversary. The plaque, a complete surprise and very appreciated, was presented to Matt Fales, President of Hobby Shack, from Louis and Yvonne DeFrancesco, Directors of Airage Media (They publish magazines like Car Action, Model Airplane News, etc…www.airage.com).

Hobby Shack (est 1972) was the creation of Paul Bender. My father, John Greenshields, was the one and only employee when we started out in that cute little brick-front building on Knott Ave. in Buena Park. Today, Hobby Shack is the parent company to Hobby People Retail Stores, Hobby People E-Tail (www.hobbypeople.net), and Global Hobby Distributors which is the wholesale division (www.globalhobby.com). Paul is still involved in our company as CEO, with his son-in-law Matt Fales as President .

Thanks to Airage for the recognition and thanks for thinking of us as friends and business associates. We’re looking forward to the next 35 years of innovation and business in the hobby. I know I am.


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3 Responses to “35 Year Anniversary”

  1. Peter Anninos Says:

    HI Mike,

    I don’t know if I did this properly the first time so if this is a repeat, forgive me.

    I have never replied to a “Blog” before so I hope I am “appropriate” and doing this correctly.
    Are you the son of Mike Greenshields? I remember him as he helped me select my first radio at the Knott Ave store. A World Engines “Blue Max” 6 channel ($219.00 then!). I still have it and it has a B.I.R.D.S. club sticker on it from 1972. Yah, as a kid I flew with the likes of Joe Bridi and Terry Prather as well as Henry and Joe Zingali (JZ Zinger props). I wonder if any of them are still around. Even the BIRDS club as they were one of the largest in the country at the time.

    Every now and then I run into an old copy of your catalog that I would read till memorized. Also, the occasional “Sport Flier” magazine with the Slupen thing, Das Super Slupen Thing and even the “Almost, sort of genuine, Stand WAY off scale model of the “Real Thing”.

    I’m slowly getting back into the hobby and can barely believe the changes! No more Pro-Line, Kraft, World Engines, or the Rolls Royce of radios, Orbit!
    I kind got out of the hobby when I tried to be an airline pilot. Unfortunately, everyone I worked for went under owing me money!

    The TV Hobby (Public Access in Seal Beach and I took classes in the 1970’s in high school) just by accident turned into a job with the cable TV company. I started working for PBS and got 3 Emmys out of the deal. I now work as a Producer/Director for the Air Force producing a show for Air Force Space Command (You can see it-Air Force Space Today- at http://www.losangeles.af.mil). I NEVER figured that I would do that! I even went back to school and got my PsyD. so I could do therapy in the Military with returning vets. So, now I can be a smartass and call myself Dr!

    I hope you have a great holiday season and if you have time, let me know if any of the above mentioned folks are still around.

    Peter Anninos

  2. Joe Zingali Says:

    Both Henry And my self are still here and making Propellers.
    I’m 75 and henry is 50.


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