6 Gram Indoor Flyer

Russ and the FlitFlying the FlitThe hit of the show in the Global Booth (at ihobbyexpo) was the Flit. Universally people were drawn to it’s small size and cute looks.

 What really made people take notice, however, was the performance.

1. You REALLY can fly it in your living room. It’s that small and that agile.

2. It’s got tons of power. Almost too much really.

3. Other true room fliers are about twice the price.

4. It’s 3 channel proportional! That makes a big difference!

The Flit was designed under the direction of Didel (Swiss Genius) in Switzerland. The plane performs great. There was a HUGE amount of time and effort to develop it and then more time making the design fly awesome and be able to still be produced in larger qty’s than 1 at a time by hand! The result of all that work and effort is the Phase 3 Flit. It has enough power to just pull vertical, has a very nice proportional esc, so you can vary the speed to fly it just the way you want to. It’s challenging enough to be interesting and fun enough to keep my interest. I can take off from my computer monitor, fly around my office, and land on my desk. It took some practice, but it’s now 2nd nature. And when you’re done flying, it all goes back in that flat aluminum case!!!

 Anyway, we’re just in production now (everything has to be 100% perfect, so there’s a huge amount of QC as part of this first run) and we’ll be seeing them soon. It’s a worthy product and very unique in the hobby today. I sure had fun flying it at the show!


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2 Responses to “6 Gram Indoor Flyer”

  1. Mike Says:

    You have any video of it? I have one on order. No idea when it will be here. 😦

  2. mikegoesflying Says:

    There is a review coming out from Airage. I’ll have to check the issue. But when they get that updated on their website, they’ll have video.

    However, yes we have video as well. It is raw and is in editing now (there’s no intro, logo, etc.) The video is of one of the original engineers flying it and it’s pretty impressive. He flies it down halways, lands it on top of bookcases, buzzes it aroun offices, etc. After I saw the video, It was clear that I had to practice a LOT more to experience the potential of it.

    You’re right, we need to get it posted asap. I’ll talk to our web staff about it.

    When? When? When?
    The factory that makes it is new (started by the same engineers and partner companies that developed the prodruct.) The good news is they know what it needs to make it perfect. The bad news is that they’re new and running behind schedule.

    We’re in our 2nd production right now. If that goes well over the next couple of weeks it will go into full production and we’ll be on stock and 100% up and running with stock at the end of February.

    It sucks, I know, but every point on this plane is critical for proper performance so they’ve pursued a very high level of quality.


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