Happy Thanksgiving

Hi Everyone! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day today. I was on vacation last week and so there were no new posts. A lot is going on this Holiday Season so they’ll be new posts next week!

 Enjoy the day with your family and friends, or at least a good time watching some great Thanksgiving Day football!



3 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. Peter Anninos Says:

    HI Mike,

    I have never replied to a “Blog” before so I hope I am “appropriate”

    Are you the son of Mike Greenshields? I remember him as he helped me select my first radio at the Knott Ave store. A World Engines “Blue Max” 6 channel ($219.00 then!). I still have it and it has a B.I.R.D.S. club sticker on it from 1972. Yah, as a kid I flew with the likes of Joe Bridi and Terry Prather as well as Henry and Joe Zingali (JZ Zinger props). I wonder if any of them are still around. Even the BIRDS club as they were one of the largest in the country at the time.

    Every now and then I run into an old copy of your catalog that I would read till memorized. Also, the occasional “Sport Flier” magazine with the Slupen thing, Das Super Slupen Thing and even the “Almost, sort of genuine, Stand WAY off scale model of the “Real Thing”.

    I’m slowly getting back into the hobby and can barely believe the changes! No more Pro-Line, Kraft, World Engines or the Rolls Royce of radios, Orbit!

    I kind got out of the hobby when I tried to be an airline pilot. Unfortunately, everyone I worked for went under owing me money!

    I hope you have a great holiday season and if you have time, let me know if any of the above mentioned folks are still around.

    Peter Anninos

  2. mikegoesflying Says:

    Peter, you are thinking of John Greenshields, My Father! I was about 7 when you bought that radio!

    My Dad took me flying at one of the Bird Fields in the late 70’s. We flew a lot together! Today my Dad is retired but still flies regularly, mostly at El Mirage dry lake bed during the week.

    Indeed the face of RC has changed a lot since the 1960’s and 70’s. A Big airplane when I grew up was a 60 size plane! I learned to fly on 25 size planes. Today anything 25 or smaller is most likely flown by electric, 72MHz now has a big competitor in 2.4GHz, and most guys think of 60 size planes as a standard size and even 120 size planes are really just “normal”.

    The good news is that the products on the market today work great and the selection is almost overwhelming. So, it’s a great time to be in the hobby.


  3. Peter Anninos Says:

    Hi Mike,

    I’m sorry, I meant JOHN Greenshields.

    Yah it sure has changed. I can hardly believe electric power these days! Your Dad sure has a great place to fly as there are so few places around here anymore within a reasonable driving distance from Seal Beach to fly Gas anymore. I have an original Kaos with silk covering, Orbit radio and the OS 60 with NO muffler! Now I think I could convert it to electric! (With a new radio of course!) The new standard servos now have so much torque, that I probably could use one on the Carl Goldberg retracts!

    I learned on a 60 powered beast that was a club plane (sort of an ugly stick) with a cardboard (really) wing and a fuselage painted with automotive enamel. It weighed about 18 pounds! The servos were HUGE about 5 or 6 inches long and barely more power than some of the mini servos available today. The ACE Tiny block was the smallest radio and Kraft was king. The club was on a large asphalt area that is now partially covered by what was the Don Kott Truck Center in Carson near the Carson Mall. We had to move to the opposite side of the freeway and the club spent over 10,000 dollars (!) to build a 1/4 mile long road and flying site. All airplanes required a muffler and frequency flags and pins were a must. Planes were relegated to the pit areas by frequency. It was quite a field. We were kicked out about 18 months later as the trailer park next to the area (about 1000 feet away) complained about the motorcycles and dirt bikes riding next to the mobile homes and blamed US! The problem continued after we left, but we could never get the site back. The final excuse by the city was that it was an Indian burial ground. Now it is covered with 20+ feet of landfill! The last place that I remember for the BIRDS was at the Dominguez Seminary around 1976. It was a plowed and rolled dirt strip but was far away from anyone to complain. We had to put in electric fencing to keep the cows off! We discovered that it was the site of the of the FIRST air race in 1910, so we hosted a fly-in for aircraft 1930 and older. WOW what a day that was! Shortly after that I started flying real (as in full size) aircraft and let the RC hobby drop. Back then, I could rent a Cherokee 140 with fuel for 8.00 an hour. Now it is pushing 100.

    Sorry for running on for so long. It would be great to meet you some day and talk in person. Do you work at the Fountain Valley store?

    Thanks again,

    Peter J. Anninos

    P.S. Any idea where Joe Bridi (I guess he sold to Great Planes), Terry Prather and the Zingali’s are? I have searched for the BIRDS club (“Beginners In Radio Drones” by the way) and can’t find them.

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