Developing New Products – Installment 1

I get a lot of questions about what we do when we bring in a new proprietary item. Here at Global, we essentially have 3 types of “proprietary” products.

For this first installment, we’ll talk about what I call an “Agency”. In this example we are simply the importer and service center for the item. What this means is the product is represented by us, but we did not participate in the development. A lot like domestic buying, we can inform the company about our customers and what they request but we really can’t affect the factory very much. The good news is these products are quick to market because they’ve already been flown or used by their agents throughout the world. (Sort of like a Chevy Dealership.. they don’t really get to tell GM what to make, but then again, they don’t have to spend any time on development, that’s GM’s job). Agencies come and go according to how well that company responds to customer’s demand.

One company that has so far turned out to be a tremendous “agency” for us is Vinh Quang RC Models (formerly VQ). Vinh Quang Models is a line of very nice sport ARF’s that range in size from very small and affordable electrics on up to some nice twins. However, they are most famous for their 40 and 60 size warbirds (which can today be flown electric or glow).

 Vinh Quang models are made by the Vinh Quang family in Viet Nam. They are a very small family run company. As most companies in Viet Nam, they are very resourceful because almost NOTHING is easily available there. In the USA, we just pick up a Source Book and “blam” we can get anything we want. In Viet Nam sourcing of every single material and part is difficult to almost impossible. There’s hard work in every metal clevis, nut, bolt and wheel in each of those planes.

 But that’s not what makes them cool. What makes them cool is that each one has a printed surface with tons of detail from weathering to panel lines. There are even painted pilots included which really makes the model have that “finished” look. Inside, you’ll find fiberglass cowls, all high-quality laser cut wood airframes, and even some good hardware like metal clevises. In all, they are nice kits that look good in the air.

 The other great thing about VQ is that they are not afraid to try different models. They have enough agents throughout the world that they can take risks, knowing that at least one agent in one country somewhere will buy enough planes to make the effort worthwhile. So, you see the line not only has Me-109’s and Mustang P-51D’s, but also B model Mustangs, Hawker Hurricanes, and coming soon Heinkels and Focke Wulfs.

The only downside to this line is that the directions are a little sparse. But since they are intended for more experienced modelers for the most part, the sparse directions are “ok”. In the future, we’ll be trying to work with them to make the directions more complete.

This brings us to Installment 2 I’ll post soon, the “partial” Agency where even though we’re technically an “agent”, we’re so much more ACTIVE!!!

Along the way, if you have any questions, please let me know!

 Mike Greenshields  


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11 Responses to “Developing New Products – Installment 1”

  1. Max Vander Linden Says:

    Hello Mike, I read some where, that a VQ FW-190 is coming in April. I want one how do I get on the back-order list. I have bought 3 BH Model this spring, so I have been doing business . So can I get hooked up. Best Regards Max

    • Patrick Says:

      Hi I recently purchased a VQ P-51 Mustang. I love the detail on the covering. I was wondering where I can find other VQ models and spare parts for my mustang. I am looking for a new cowl as I am making an engine change. Thanks for any infomation!

      • mikegoesflying Says:

        Global ARF by Vinh Quang (New official name since some schmuck trademarked the VQ name in the USA even though he has nothing to do with the factory) are sold by
        If you need parts that are not listed there, contact their service dept

  2. Dan Says:


  3. Dan Says:


  4. Siber Says:


  5. Charles Vinh Says:

    Hello gentlemen,
    I’m in Canada and am trying to contact Mr” Vinh Quang at VQ Models.
    Does somebody know his e mail ? Thanks

    Charles Vinh

  6. mikegoesflying Says:

  7. charles Says:

    Great ! Thank you Mike.

  8. Clive H Durham Says:

    Hi Can you please tell me if there is a spinner for 3 blade prop available for the 46 size VQ FW-190

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