Went test flying Monday

Sea VixenPhase 3 P-40Mossie Rear ViewMossie Side viewOne of my job duties that really makes my job not a job is test flying. Monday Russ and I went over to Fairview Park to do a little test flying.

The highlight of the trip was test flying a prototype of the new BH Models twin electric DeHaviland Mosquito. What a cool plane!

Power is a 4 cell (4s1P) 3200mAH (EDIT: I originall stated 40000 mAH…obviously that was wrong! Thanks Farrell!)  y-d to two Casle Creations Thunderbird 36 Amp ESC’s and two 2814 KMS motors. We’re running 9×4 props which only pulls about 36 amps total static (18 amps per motor). These motors are rated to 25 amps continuous with no problem so we’re well under the max power we could put through the system.

With that power system the plane takes off in 20-30 feet, flies along at a very good clip, can pull vertical for a little bit to make a very nice wing-over, stall turn, and square loop. Not exactly scale aerobatics since the Mossie was really a bomber, but wow very very cool.

These new BH Models are simply top-notch. The wing is 2 piece with an aluminum tube joiner, the canopy comes off with two thumb screws, and the nose is the hatch for the battery and this is held on with two self-locating magnets making battery access SUPER EASY.

 The cowls are all factory-fit, the canopy/tophatch has the window installed and detailed, and inside sits two factory painted pilots.

 Another cool feature is that the firewall bulkheads are moveable. This way the modeller can change the dept of the firewall to accomodate different length motors and mounts.

We also flew two new Foamies. One is a Ready – t0 – Fly from WattAge called the Sea Vixen. The full scale Sea Vixen was a English twin boom jet. Our foamie is kinda’ stand-off scale, but it looks nice. Instead of a jet, ours uses a little pusher motor. The power system is a 3 cell lipo on a brushless motor which provides PLENTY of performance. This plane has a nice presence in the air, and since the whole thing bolts together, it’s quick and easy to assemble. Truly a RTF worthy of the name.

The final airplane we flew is a new model from Phase 3. It’s a Radio-Ready P-40. This model will be factory assembled with the brushless motor, 3 cell battery, servos, etc.. but will not come with a radio.

This foamie has a unique feature in a Factory-build plane… It has a retractable landing gear! And it’s all factory assembled so you don’t have to go through the hassle of hooking up all that linkage! (I hate retract linkage!!!)

 Anyway, it was a great day of flying, makes me thankful I have such a cool job! (Yes I’m bragging).


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12 Responses to “Went test flying Monday”

  1. John Says:

    Now that is COOL!

  2. Jon R. Barnes Says:


    I am enjoying your blog but I really enjoyed getting a sneak peak at the Mosquito from BH Models! Having just finished a review of the BH T28 for Ezonemag.com, I have to say I am VERY impressed with the ARFs these folks produce. I was privileged to see a prototype of their OV-1 fly in Las Vegas last month also – what a beauty! I couldn’t talk them into any stick time but i understand their reluctance, given it was only one of maybe two in existence at that moment!? It is awesome to see them producing these twins. If you would like me to do a review of this Mosquito when it becomes available, I would LOVE to be so honored! You have my “number”!

  3. Farrell F Says:

    Hi Mike,

    “Power is a 4 cell (4s1P) 40000 mAH y-d to two Casle Creations…”

    40Ah?! one too many zeros 🙂


  4. mikegoesflying Says:

    Yes, I used two car batteries wired together for 75000 cranking amps! OK, maybe not.

    Yes sir, I’ll fix that little typo right away. Indeed it was actually a 3200 and not even a 4000 we used!

    Plenty of “go” with that setup and it’s light too…

    Jon, I think the review is GREAT! I sent links to everyone I know to go take a look. I’ll get a link posted here too. Coming to So CA anytime soon, we can go fly both if you like.


  5. Tom "Kmot" Keliher Says:

    The Mossie looks great!

  6. Tommy D Says:


    It was nice to stumble on your blog today. I enjoyed converting the Speed Air to electric, and Hobby People made it afforadable for me to buy it!

    Keep up the good work, and lets see a spy shot of the VQ Ki-61 ASAP!

    Tommy D

  7. mikegoesflying Says:

    Tommy D,
    I just cruised your site. The conversions are great. We’re flying the prototype 92″ span A-26 ASM airplane on KMS 4120’s. It’s looking pretty good!

    I’m going to throw a link up on my blog to yours. I think people would enjoy reading about the conversions.

    I’m a 2nd generation modeler too, it’s a GREAT hobby!!!


  8. mikegoesflying Says:

    Mosquito UPdate:
    The first prototype I flew has another couple of flights. It’s a GREAT flying model. But, the first prototype was not equipped with retracts.
    Good News: a NEW sample is coming and this one is set up so you can install retracts! I can’t wait to get that gear going up and down! It will look SO much nicer that way.


  9. Tommy D Says:

    Hi Again Mike

    Thanks for the kind words on the conversion. I will freely admit I miss the smell of nitro but I DON’T miss the mess!

    It’s great to read that BH has thoughts of releasing a version of the Mossy that’s “retract ready” or the likes. With the Mossys elegant lines it would looks “interesting” with fixed gear for sure.

    FWIW my Christmas Present arrived from Hobby People Friday. It’s a VQ 60 size Sea Hurricane. As always VQ chose an interesting color scheme and it has forced me to open the history books reading about the British Fleet Air Arm.

    Keep up the great work on your Blog!

    Tommy D

  10. mikegoesflying Says:

    I’m looking forwrad to reading more posts on your blog too!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  11. John Says:

    Hi Mike,

    That new Mossie really has me pre budgeting for it.

    If you can, could I get some specs as to the size of the plane and what type of retracts would work?

    I understand if these details cannot be let out of the bag yet.

    Thanks much,

  12. mikegoesflying Says:

    Mossie uses two 2814 motors and 1 4 cell lipo so it’s not too big. The updated version with retracts is still being worked on so I don’t have final info yet.

    We’ll have published info once I’m flying the latest sample and am sure everything is a-ok.


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