ModelTech Mini Mach Racer

Mini Mach RacerRuss Greaves and I took out the new Model Tech Mini Mach Racer and put it up for its maiden voyage.

OK, it’s REALLY important that the CG be right on a little plane like this:) Yep, REALLY important… (EDIT: Customer says I’m idiotic because I didn’t post the CG here.  So, here’s the CG: 145mm.. )

When we get prototypes we usually get ZERO documentation from the factory. So, we guessed on this one and got it wrong. The good news is, when it went totally out of control on launch, it was no where near anyone (we always launch well away from ANYONE, pilots included) so there was no danger.

The other bit of good news is that this plane and the prototype motor we flew it with was very durable. We launched, it did the tail low, nose up, wing-tip-stalling dance, before it simply pin-wheeled into the ground, nose first…

NO damage! Got lucky there. So, we moved the battery forward and this time, it flew right out of Russ’s hand, PERFECTO!

Wee the fun we have with prototypes! Anyway, it was AWESOME. 80-90 MPH (based on the speed of the other planes and the speed of which other ‘known’ entities fly at) is my guess.

Lands easy, launches easy, flies very fast, is stable in the entire speed range, and was simply a blast! This is a fun plane to fly.

Now we’re waiting on a new sample with some creature comforts to make it easier to use for the pilot (removable fins and magnet attached canopy hatch so that the plane will easily go back into it’s box and the battery will be easily accessable).

Anyway, cool plane, due in probably May.

Whaddaya all think?



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9 Responses to “ModelTech Mini Mach Racer”

  1. Farrell F Says:

    That empty bubble needs a pilot figure 🙂 How about the Geico Gecko?

  2. mikegoesflying Says:

    I’ll tell Russ! Very good!

  3. Tom "Kmot" Keliher Says:

    It looks good to me, but I would lose the canopy altogether. Or maybe, a long jet like canopy might look okay to me.

  4. mikegoesflying Says:

    Canopy is optional, so the customer can always leave it off. I can ask about a longer canopy. I think they were going after the Buck Rodgers kinda’ old school space age look with that bubble…

    I do like the idea of a little Gecko or Maybe a South Park character in there…..Kenny doing 100mph would be good… If we crash the plane, I could say…I killed Kenny, I’m a !*&^?><*!

    Thanks for the suggestion.


  5. Tommy D Says:

    Hi Mike and Happy New Year!

    I took notice you now have Ripmax listed as links on your site. Any chance we might see models like the Ripmax ME-109 listed anytime soon on Hobby Peoples site.

    Ripmax is a tough nut to crack. They still insist Hobbico is there sole US Dist and refuse to deal with anyone else.

    Sure would be nice if Hobby People picked them up.

    Best Regards

    Tommy D

  6. mikegoesflying Says:


    Ripmax and Hobby People do share some of the same agencies like Phase 3 and Airtronics/Sanwa. Unfortunately that does not mean we share everything or are exclusive on all subjects! We’re not married!

    Seriously, Great Planes has been their agent for some time and I’m sure they would react to customer demand. Thus, the people to pick on are really Great Planes for not doing a better job of support Ripmax’s line.

    If that relationship every changed, sure I’d love to have some of those Ripmax planes, but at this moment, I doubt that will happen. Ripmax and Great Planes have had each other’s agencies for a LONG Time and do a whole lot of business together!


  7. Joed Says:

    Hi Mike
    ABle to advise on the CG? It seems ridiculous forward at 4 1/4″

  8. Danny Says:

    Thanks for the update on the incorrect CG. I thought it wasn’t right, that’s why I was checking the web for info.

    When the rain stops I can give it a try.

    Thanks again.

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