Reasons why I Like Sanwa/Airtronics….

1. When we tested the first RDS8000 2.4GHz test sample, their Executive Director and Senior Engineer were there, in person, in So CA, to work with me testing that radio.

2. They didn’t come until they had tested it themselves repeatedly.

3. When we found ways to improve it, they did it….here’s some examples…

longer range

programmable failsafe

trainer system compatible with vG and RD radios of the non 2.4GHz type

4. They gave us MORE samples to test all over the country. When we found ways to improve it, they researched it, executed the improvements, and airshipped revised samples directly to our pilots.

5. Even though they were still on a deadline to get the radio produced, they delayed production for more testing when I just had a “concern”.

6. Their entire R&D staff put in extra hours to work to get the radio done.

7. They made it for a price that makes it a value. It’s not some overpriced piece of work. It’s got an aggressive price to make sure it’s competitive.

8. They didn’t get greedy on the Receiver but instead made it the most affordable 8 Channel 2.4GHz receiver on the market at 79.99 typical street price. They did this, in part, because our test pilots told them how important receiver pricing is.

9. They added a range test feature not in the original design simply because our pilots asked for it. There was no “I’m an engineer and I know more than a modeler” b.s., there was ONLY “Let’s make it right for the modeler on this first radio as best we can.”

Is the RDS8000 perfect in all ways.. of course not… NO Product is….  There are always improvements to be made when you’re striving for perfection… Is it a great value and a super first step into 2.4GHz for Airtronics? Absolutely. The radio looks great, works great, feels great, and will serve Airtronics pilots well.

10. This is the most important….. THEY CARE.

So, you may not buy an RDS8000 (too bad if you don’t, you’re missing out on a great, easy to use, sport radio!) but just know when you’re considering your next radio purchase or radio accessory purchase that Airtronics and Sanwa engineers care, they listen, and they’re dedicated to making great products.

 Having the RDS8000 finish it’s first production run on Christmas was an awesome Christmas gift for all of us at Global. We’re looking forward to this product and to many new radios, servos, and accessories from Airtronics in 2008!


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20 Responses to “Reasons why I Like Sanwa/Airtronics….”

  1. Tom "Kmot" Keliher Says:

    Mike, I have a question about using an Airtronics radio. If I got an RD8000 someday, would all my various servos (Cirrus, Futaba, Hitec, etc) work with the Airtronics Rx?

    Also, would any of my other brand 2.4Ghz Rx’s work with it?

  2. mikegoesflying Says:

    Receivers are not compatible between brands and even within some brands!

    Servos are generally compatible.

    So, for the RDS8000 2.4GHz system, you can use any typical servo, but you have to use the matching Airtronics receiver.


  3. Gary Protheroe Says:

    If I purchase an RDS 8000 system from the states is it cleared as legal to operate it in the United Kingdom? There is no indication of the Sanwa RDS 8000 being available in the U.K. in the near future!! Why?

  4. mikegoesflying Says:

    I believe so. The radio is being sold in Germany and I believe it has CE certification. Before ordering from across the pond, you might look to LRP in Germany. Ripmax is the agent for Sanwa in the UK. You might get an update from them about whether they intend to carry it.


  5. Byron Simpson Says:

    Hi Mike,
    I am wondering what the 2.4 system in the sanwa compares to? Is it like spektrum and futaba running on 2 channels, or more like assan and xps which supposedly hop?
    The reason I ask is a few other modellers at my club run xps which is getting more and more lock outs, and not hopping, which is really starting to make the members question 2.4’s reliability.
    I myself am hesitant to switch to 2.4 also because of all this.
    thanks, Byron

    • mikegoesflying Says:

      The RDS8000 is a frequency hopping (it is constantly hopping) system very much like Futaba.

      Spektrum is actually more like Asan in that it picks a frequency and does not hop (which is the definition of DSM). The only different between Spektrum and Asan in this regard is that Spektrum uses two frequencies, Asan uses 1.

      The XPS system uses 1 frequency like the Asan. Whether it hops or not is a question that I can’t answer.

      What I am sure of is that our system hops and is constantly hopping (thus FHSS Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum).

      The short answer is no, the Airtronics is totally different from XPS and will not suffer the same problems that some XPS users report they have experienced.

      I hope this helps


  6. Byron Simpson Says:

    Thanks Mike,
    I appreciate the explanaition, and yes it has helped. The price it comes in at makes me think it is worth trying for myself.

    kind regards,

  7. Fred Says:

    Hi Mike ,
    I purchased a RDS8000 here in US.
    I have to go back to Germany. Can I use the Airtronic radio in Germany, or is it a different 2.4 Ghz system?

    • mikegoesflying Says:

      I have not been following the CE rules closely enough to tell you for certain. I suggest you check with LRP, the German agent for Sanwa. I know they have been buying the RDS8000 but I do not know if there are any differences. I don’t “think” so, but I do not know absolutely for certain. Sorry.

  8. Fred Says:

    Hi Mike,
    thank you for the help.

  9. Josh Says:

    Hi Mike,

    I would like to ask if you know the asian distributor of rds8000? I’ve only been able to get to their japanese site and I couldn’t find any description on warranties, customer support, faqs, or servicing.


    • mikegoesflying Says:

      I believe in Asia the only service center is the one in Japan.

      You might have to contact them there
      I think the service center is in Tokyo
      Try this:
      tel: 81 3 3862 8970
      fax: 81 3 3851 8258


  10. Dimitar Parvanov Says:

    Hi Mike,
    I own a Sanwa RDS8000.
    When I use the trainer 5 pin DIN connection for playing a computer simulator the transmitter should be switched on. I have had a JR 9XII (9303) and when you use the 3.5 trainer / DSC (direct servo connection) connection for simulator or there is no necessity to switch on the transmitting unit.
    Probably it would be nice if they can fix this issue too.
    By the way, I like the RDS8000 much more than the RD8000. I bought the RDS8000 from Waigohobby. Both RD8000 radios were bought from Japan. The quality of the RDS8000 is much better. The chrome of the RD8000 was a bit poor quality and I am glad they have removed it, the plastic looked cheaper too, and the built quality was worse. The RDS8000 is a nice radio for it’s price.
    Here are some Asian Sanwa distributors for those who ask: – Hong Kong, great prices for Sanwa radios. – Osaka, Japan. Real pleasure to deal with. – Japan

  11. Rafael Marmolejo Leyva Says:

    Hello, again, i want to buy an Airtronics RDS8000, and i need to know if the expo on the rudder is so important?

    I’m trying to fly in 3D way in the future, the expo in rudder is absolutely necessary?



  12. mikegoesflying Says:

    RDS8000 does not have rudder expo in aircraft mode. You can use one of the mixes as rudder dual rate by mixing rudder to rudder at two different %.

    If your plane is a simpler setup and you don’t need flaperon or similar mixes and can use 1 aileron servo and/or Y the 2 aileron servos, then you can fly it in Heli mode which does have rudder dual rate and rudder expo. Many of our indoor 3D guys setup their planes that way.

    The SD-10G does have Rudder Expo and Rates

  13. Hello again Says:

    I have various doubts and need a explanation:

    It is true that airtronics released recentrly a 7 Ch RX?

    And, could you help me, i buy as i promised a rds8000 from Tower hobbies, i love it, really, then i decided to buy another with bonus Rx and what was my surprise that actually are discontinued from tower hobbies which had a rx bonus 😦

    Could you help me to buy another airtronics radio with bonus rx, please…

    Thanks, i hope you can.

    Greetings and certainly, the rds 8000 radio is a great master piece of engineering leaving the sparkles of other companies

  14. mikegoesflying Says:

    There is a park flyer 6 channel and a full range 7 channel now in the line in addition to the stock 8 channel. We have some economical sport receivers coming as well.

    Also, yes, the 2 receiver offer was a limited time offer. However, the regular price of the single receiver version has been reduced. You can buy the radio for as little as 149.99 with the single receiver.


  15. Raajasekar Says:

    Dear In India RDS8000 is available Could you please tell me where this Airtroncis Or sanwa is manufactured ??

    One of My friend (who is an electronic Engineer strongly suggesting The sanwa RDS 8000 But my other friends suggesting against 2.4 ghz since its have more crash records Please suggest me is it worth Sanwa 2.4 ghz or Sanwa Fm (like 72 Mhz)

    • mikegoesflying Says:

      1. Airtronics is the brand name for Sanwa in the USA. Sanwa is a Japanese company, the radios are manufactured in China.
      2. I prefer 2.4GHz because it is more precise and because no one can “turn on” their radio make my plane crash.

      It’s that simple. I have not flown 72MHz in 2 years.

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