Stuff Going ON!!!

Wow, It seems like the last month has BLOWN By!!!!

 Thanks to everyone who visited, I hope they found some informative stuff!!!

 Since AMA, we’ve visited Nuremberg Germany and exhibited Airtronics at the WRAM show in NY (Thanks to Craig Kaplan for working that show SOLO!)

We’ve also sold through our first shipment of RDS8000 radios and are preparing our 2nd shipment (hopefully this week which will catch up most backorders). We’ve also sold through our first shipment of Cypher Helicopters (look for reviews on this coming up in RC Heli, Backyard Flyer, RC Helicopter, and Rotary). More will be along late next month.

On the car side of things, Craig and XTM released the RAGE truck. It’s a little 1/18th EP truck that is affordable, fun, and so far it’s been really popular.

All of these new releases combined with so much travel have really been keeping us busy. But I must take a minute just to publicly thank all of the staff and my co-workers at Global. Over the last month, along with all of this travel, over 50% of our staff have been out sick! From IT, to CS, to Airtronics Service, to Global Reps, Mail Order, Art Dept, R&D, etc… Everyone is SICK!!! It’s terrible. This cold seems to have swept the country and those who got this cold are really suffering. So, if there’s anyone sick at your work or in your family, give them support! They are sick and it SUCKS……

Anyway, our staff here have all been working double duty just to keep things afloat and while I’m sure over the next 2 weeks everyone will feel better and get back to work and then get caught up, we’re really struggling and I’m so glad we have the great and dedicated staff we do! So thank you to each and every person at Hobby Shack, Global, Hobby People, Airtronics, and Global Services for working your tails off!!!

Thank you to everyone!!!

Mike Greenshields


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