Trade Show Month

Feast or Famine it seems….

This year we have THREE TRADE SHOWS for APRIL!!!!

1. Toledo Show (  April 4/5/6

Toledo is a public show that is focused on Airplanes and some boats. It’s a small-town show in the way it “feels”. VERY friendly and very down-to-earth.  Yet, for modelers everywhere this show is awesome. The epitome of enthusiastic modeling. LOTS of great people who love model airplanes.

2. RCX ( April 19/20

This is kinda’ our home-field show. It represents all facets of radio control. Planes, Boats, Cars, Helicopters – Indoors and out, and it has hands-on demonstrations, tons of actions, and is now in two separate halls. One for planes/helis, and one for cars/boats. Families and people of all ages are encouraged to come. The atmosphere is exciting. Definitely not a Museum, there’s tons to see and DO here.

3. NRHSA Table Top (  April 22/23/24

This is a small, dealer-only show (sorry!!!). It’s a chance for us to meet up with some of the hobby stores we sell to around the country, say “Hi”, and talk with them about how we can support them and be the distributor they want/need. And, it’s in Vegas, which can’t be all bad!!!

Wheh…that’s a lot in one month. We hope we see some of you out there. I will be at Toledo and RCX but probably not NRHSA. If you come to the show, stop in, say hi!



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One Response to “Trade Show Month”

  1. Tom "Kmot" Keliher Says:

    See you at RCX! 🙂

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