Preachy about the AMA

I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I read TONS of comments about problems at the AMA, long winded criticism, and cutting jokes and comments about the AMA.

I must say first.. Criticism is important. It gives scope, perspective, and in many cases can initiate change. However, I feel there are two types of criticism…

Destructive Criticism

Constructive Criticism

The AMA is the ONLY organization we have. It is the binding body that gives our hobby longevity, established flying fields, insurance, and an advocate for our hobby that is powerful enough to actually lobby position to politicians, the FAA, Homeland security, etc…

So, it really BUGS ME when I see nothing but anonymous criticism of the DESTRUCTIVE sort. Frankly speaking, here it is…

SHAME on those for going about it this way.

On the other hand, like I said, Constructive Criticism is AWESOME. Making things better, solving problems, fixing bad decisions, standing on good ones, sharing ideas, and moving our group forward… Yep, Constructive Criticism is AWESOME.

So, why do people choose to simply tear down the one thing that actually (while certainly not perfect) is kinda’ the only system we have? Don’t know really. Anger, Fear, Lack of Confidence,? Whatever the motivation, don’t let these people fool you.

We are BETTER OFF for having the AMA.

Is there stuff you don’t like? GREAT! Go to your local club and share. If others agree, maybe you’re onto something? Can you think of a suggestion? GREAT!! Check it out….turns out the AMA has local representives and their contact information is in the AMA Magazine! You can go to someone who can actually voice your ideas to those who can do something about it!

Bottom line: Don’t be a Hater… GET INVOLVED…

PLEASE. I feel that as modelers together we can really make a difference. If all we do is offer destructive criticism, all we’re doing is spinning our wheels. And that’s really never really a very good idea, is it???

Sorry for the preachy comments. I’ll step down from my little soap box now.

Wait, I’ll get back on.. One more thing…

Talk to your AMA representative about the Park Pilot Program. TRY to see this new program from their point of view. This program is really in its infancy and for an organization sometimes noted for moving slowly or not at all, this is a pretty out-of-the-box program that could help truly make our hobby grow and truly soar, especially in crowded urban and suburban areas in our fine country.

So, please, for the good of modelers, share your ideas and criticisms with the AMA leadership, or better yet, get involved yourself!

Truly you can make a difference (I know… a pretty trite thing to say.. don’t care.. I said it anyway!)

Keep on Flying!!!


P.S., Ok, no one can be completely informed, I found this today AFTER I posted this. Not only can you approach your local AMA representative, but here…You can read about and approach the President of the AMA DIRECTLY!!!!!!

Pretty cool I think…


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4 Responses to “Preachy about the AMA”

  1. Michael R. Herr Says:

    Hey Mike! You’ll get no destructive criticism from me,I am a new AMA member and a new member of my local club (The Lafayette Cloud Jockeys),Lafayette,Ind. This sport/hobby is entirely new to me and as a beginner I have had to learn some things “the hard way”, one of the rites of passage in many disiplines.Anyway,it might be helpful to do a series of articles in MA pointed at beginners only,just a thought! Sincerely,Mike.

    • mikegoesflying Says:

      I think some beginner articles would be great. I can’t affect the Magazine much, but there is an AMA website that is directed more toward beginners.
      Model Aviation Sport Aviator
      There’s a TON of good information in there and more being added all the time.
      I’m open to questions/suggestions here. If beginners have questions, I would be happy to make a section on the blog for the questions and answers.

  2. Don Borja Says:

    I have been a member of the AMA since 2003. I feel lucky to
    of the AMA, please remember this old saying and take it as an example: “No matter how bad you disagree with your parents, you will miss them when they are dead”. Same thing would apply to the AMA.

    • mikegoesflying Says:

      Most of the time, I agree with my parents, and most of the time, I agree with the AMA too. I’m glad they are there and I’m glad I still have my parents.

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