VQ Models A-26 ARF

I thought I’d share…. Here’s some pics of Matt Stein’s VQ A-26 on some early test flights (notice the cowls are still off while the engines break in). Matt is part of the management staff in the Hobby People store in Murrieta and part of the club leadership at the club meeting I went to last month. Nice guy! And, in Korea, he flew the A-26 Invader (well, I know.. in Korea, the nomenclature was changed to B-26 after the retirement of the Maurader.. but let’s not get caught up in that whole “thing”… :A-26 over the fenceCross wing gusting flare!Touchdown!)

Matt’s Update:

I am using two Magnum XLS 46 2-stroke engines, two 3-blade 9×7 Master
Airscrew props and am burning 15% glow fuel.

I am using the fixed landing gear  supplied with the kit and my radio gear
is as follows: Transmitter is a Hitec Eclipse 7 with Spectra module, Hitec
Supreme IIS receiver, Hitec 635HB servos for the ailerons, elevator, and
throttles, and  a Hitec 645MG servo for the rudder/nose wheel steering.

As for flying tips, I really don’t have enough flying time yet to get too
detailed. The plane tracks straight down the runway with very little rudder
correction, lifts off at approximately half throttle and climbs out with
authority. It shows a slight tendency to drop the nose on right and left
hand turns. It looks awesome in low passes and responds to control inputs
like a trainer. Landing is just a matter of lining up with the runway and
setting up a smooth rate of decent. It is a war bird and does require some
power on the final approach, and roll-out is smooth with a slight tendency
to keep the nose up until a lot of speed is bled off.

I have not yet had it do any loops, rolls, split-s, inverted, or high speed,
full throttle low pass strafing runs. However, I hope to do all that during
the next several weeks.

Once I stopped shaking and realized that I was airborne (the VQ A-26 is my
first twin engine airplane), she flew just as nice and easy as any other war
bird I’ve flown. It’s definitely not a trainer, but anyone that has flown a
war bird before (intermediate to expert pilot) can easily fly and enjoy the

As I get more flying time in, I’ll be glad to update you. I can sum up my
flying experience so far in three little words: “It’s a Keeper!!”


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5 Responses to “VQ Models A-26 ARF”

  1. Tom "Kmot" Keliher Says:

    Just curious Mike, but what engines are installed on this model?

  2. mikegoesflying Says:

    I am not sure. I have emailed Matt to see what he stuck in there. He’ll probably get back to me tomorrow.


  3. mikegoesflying Says:

    I just posted Matt’s update with his setup so far…

  4. Tom Says:

    Thanks for the updated info Mike. I am impressed that large aircraft flies on two 46 engines.

  5. mikegoesflying Says:

    This one is smaller than the new ASM A26 coming out and we flew that one on 2 Magnum 52 Two strokes.
    Matt Stein sure is proud of this one!


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