Hal Parenti’s Zero

Hal Parenti has been a long-time Airtronics pilot. Since we started with Airtronics last year, I have been honored to know Hal and to have him fly Airtrnoics. He’s a multi-time Scale Modeler National Champion. Hal’s one of those guys who simply has a refined talent that has pushed his modeling to an art. Hal is sponsored by Mark Engines (Moki-Hungary) and of course, Airtronics. And best of all, he’s a nice guy to talk to! We met at Chicago last year and it was great to meet him person finally!

I thought some of you might enjoy seeing this prior to Hal taking it to competition this year. Here’s Hal’s comments about the plane…

“Here are a few of the specs.
The kit is from an old Bert Baker fuse I’ve had around for years.
Controls- rudder,elevator,aileron,throttle,flaps,retracts,and drop tank.
Mark 1.8 engine
18-8 A P C prop
Span 82″
Weight 19 1/2#
Covered with 3/4 oz. class cloth and epoxy resin.
Finish-semi-gloss latex exterior house paint. (easy to get a color match ) also not too expensive.
Top coat Klass-Kote clear flat.



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2 Responses to “Hal Parenti’s Zero”

  1. Tom Keliher Says:

    That is a magnificent model. The name “Hal Parenti” seems to ring bells from long ago. I think he has been building scale airplanes for a very long time.

    The details on this Zero are amazing, and just the exhaust pipes are incredible!


  2. mikegoesflying Says:

    Hal is indeed a long-time competitive scale designer/builder. The Zero is amazing. I HAD to post the pics after he sent them!


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