RDS8000 Review Online

There have been many RDS8000 reviews, all seem positive. The authors all seem to really experience good things with the radio.

There is a new review post on RCUniverse that I think is very informative.


I thought you all might enjoy it.



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5 Responses to “RDS8000 Review Online”

  1. Tom "Kmot" Keliher Says:


    I told you I would report back on the clubmate who is using the RDS8000 in his model boats:

    The radio is working fantastic and he loves it! Only one issue has surfaced, and that is the LCD screen starts to go all black when he has been holding the radio out in the sunlight. So, he made a cardboard cover to place over the LCD screen while running his boats.


  2. Shayne Benton Says:

    Hey Mike, I’m so impressed with that HUGE line for the sale last weekend!! That rocks!!! It makes me so happy to see that my favorite hobby shop is “still” keeping everyone so happy!! Keep it rockn’!! I love this hobby!!!

  3. mikegoesflying Says:

    Hi Shayne,

    It was fun to see so many hobbyists all in one place! It was a great day! We’ll have to go flying soon. I’m setting up that Superfli in the warehouse sale photos with an electric system! And Ultrafly has more EDF stuf coming.

    Give me a call next week!

    Rock on speed demon (Mr-my-EF16-Goes-170mph-Benton!)


  4. Rafael Marmolejo Says:

    I have various doubts:

    1) Futaba servos are compatible with the sanwa receiver?

    2) The wall charger of the transmiter can charge a 6v batt?

    3) Is better than futaba FASST transmitter or which are the differences between futaba an airtronics FHSS systems?

    Thanks and best regards

  5. mikegoesflying Says:

    As I explained in the other spot where you posted almost the exact same questions…

    1. Yes, Futaba servos are compatible with our radio.

    2. This is a new one: But yes, the wall charger that comes with the SD-10G does detect peak voltage and yes it is a wall charger, and yes, it is made for the 6C, 7.2V pack that comes with the transmitter.

    3. Yes, Futaba and Sanwa are both using FHSS technologies, however how we go about using them is different. They are not the same. Obviously Futaba’s 2.4 technology works, otherwise there’d be all kinds of problems, etc..

    We think ours is better because…
    a. We’ve got great range – We’re running tests that put the range over 2.1 miles on the ground.
    b. We’re fast. 20 to 60% faster than other radios in side by side tests.

    So, we have a radio that works well, the range is excellent, the response is truly impressive, and the features are similar to radios that cost as much as twice as much money.

    That’s my view…


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