F3J Worlds 08

Saillplanes are an amazing discipline within our hobby. These high-end, high-performance, seemingly endlessly complicated aircraft require the latest techniques for design and construction to have an even remote chance of being competitive. The skill to set one up and fly it properly is amazing as well.

The F3J Catagory for World-Competition is an interesting part of the competition sailplane world. This is where sailplanes are hand-towed and then compete for a set time and then end the flight with a precision spot landing. Cool stuff.. really.

The worlds are at the end of this month in TURKEY! Talk about a long jet-flight to then fly in highly intense competition for a week!

First, if you haven’t done so, Visit the Official Team USA F3J site! Airtronics is a sponsor of the team and sponsors several of the pilots. Remington, Perkins, and Mc Gowen for example. They need your support and have a raffle as well as T-shirts and hats for sale to raise funds.


There is also a website with more information about the F3J Worlds. Check it out!


Also note that several Canadian Team pilots are sponsored by Airtronics as well. You have to wish our friends from the North good luck as well!!! We want a good showing for all of North America! Don’t let the Western Europeans keep the glory for themselves!

So, please support the USA F3J Team and check out this amazing aspect of competition flying!

Good Luck to All the Pilots!!!


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