RDS8000 yet another positive review

OK, call it blowing my own horn, self serving egotistical commentary, or a commercial shameless plug.. it’s ok.. I understand…

But I just have to point out that the Airtronics RDS8000 2.4GHz radio just got another GREAT review. This time the review is in the AMA magazine, Model Aviation. It’s written by Bob Aberle and I think it’s a nice article.

He called me this morning. He had a slight mis-hap with the radio (it got dropped… ouch). During the conversation he told me how he likes the radio, has already purchased several extra receivers for it (yes, paid.. not free…) and is enjoying flying it. He has it in a scale Beaver and is using flaps and elevator compensation for the flaps and he’s also using it in a small Ultra Stick with the 4 aileron/flap thing and has the crow, etc all set up.

A somewhat Unique thing Bob asked us to do was to publish a “quick start guide”. He showed us how the directions were detailed but kinda “jumped in with both feet” and maybe was a little lacking on the introductory stuff about the programming and setup of the radio.

So, Jack Albrecht has already written the draft, we’ve proofed it with Mark Atwood (Airtronics Team Pilot) had our technical writer format it up, and it will be on the web next week and printed and inserted in new radios soon.

This one is bent toward aircraft. We’re now working on one bent toward heli’s.

Anyway, thanks to Bob Aberle and Model Aviation for an interesting and great review, and thanks to Bob for suggesting the quick start guide.. AND Thanks to Jack for writing it so quickly!

Yep, I’m proud. Airtronics’ first step into aircraft full-range 2.4GHz systems is I think an amazing one.


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