Tyler’s EF Helicopter Cypher

This is a video one of our Airtronics pilots took. The heli is an EF Helicopter Cypher stock except for carbon 325 carbon blades. It’s owned by Tyler Lovell and being flown by Eric Brandenburg.

The Heli is awesome (obviously it is being truly rung out in the hands of an amazing pilot like Eric).

Tyler is a sponsored pilot. Eric is not sponsored by EF or Airtronics, but is simply flying this as a favor to Tyler.

Anyway, I think it’s AWESOME. Check out the cyclic response.




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2 Responses to “Tyler’s EF Helicopter Cypher”

  1. Luke Duecy Says:

    I’m a reporter in Seattle, WA – we recently did a story on Brendon Beardsley (16-year-old who took 2nd place in the junior fai f3j world’s in Turkey) BUT British Airways lost all ten of his gliders. I’m looking for ANY help for this kid – any suggestions? Is there anyone willing to donate a glider for the time being? Can you point me in a right direction?

    Thank you,
    Luke Duecy

  2. mikegoesflying Says:


    I read the article and was heartbroken. Our company does not even carry these specialized high end sailplanes. The glider community is generally a fairly giving one and my guess is that many will come through and help. I searched on RC Groups and did not see anything about this (maybe I missed it).

    If he needs help with some servos or radio equipment, Airtronics might be able to help. He should contact me directly.


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