Hobby People Warehouse Sale Pt.2

The Warehouse Sale last Saturday was GREAT! There were tons of people, tons of crazy stuff to sell, tons of prizes, and I think it went great! We even had display items to show!

First, the line was HUGE. Check out these pics. It went from the parking lot, down the street, back up the building, around the corner, into the building, and up the main isle in the main warehouse to the door that connects the main warehouse to the 2nd warehouse.

The First 50 people in line (most of whom camped out the night before!) got to spin the wheel and win a prize! This gentleman won a BH Models Mosquito!

In addition to this buying-frenzy, we also had tons of interest in many of the new products we exhibited!

We displayed many new products including the new BHModels B25 and the Model Tech PHil Kraft Superfly! The B25 has retracts and is a twin. It runs on 2 2814 motors and 3 cell lipo. The Superfli is a scale model of the full-size Superfli designed by Phil Kraft! This one from Model Tech is designed by Chris White and blown up to 84 inch from the original Model Airplane News plans of the model.

We received a TON of interest in this model! It’s a SR22 from Ultrafly. It’s sleek with a high aspect ratio wing. The amazing shape of that fuselage is done in fiberglass. A huge amount of work went into making this beautiful model. This is an early prototype.

We also showed the VQ Cap 10. I know it’s not a brand-new model. But it’s a beautiful airplane and I think maybe a little overlooked.

I want to thank everyone who attended! The customers were certainly dedicated hobbyists getting there so early, and with a great outlook! We do this for you and I think you all enjoyed it. Everyone I talked to sure seemed to be enthusiastic about the sale and about the hobby. Thank you so so so much for coming out!

Also, recognition needs to be given to the HP staff too! The behind the scenes staff who worked a ton getting ready (days and days it seemed, going through all of that stock!) and then got there at o-dark:thirty to ensure everything was ready for our 7am opening, thank you! And a BIG THANKYOU to the FV Store staff and all those who worked there that day. You all did a GREAT JOB!

So, there you have it, another BIG warehouse sale. I think it was a HIT!


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One Response to “Hobby People Warehouse Sale Pt.2”

  1. Richard Hendeson Says:

    If you are looking for drawings (accurate) of old Fords, etc. look at my artwork on Fine Art America.com , the check the artist block and then type in my name…Richard Henderson. Good luck on the museum !

    Rick Henderson

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