Saying Goodbye to Respected Fellow Modelers..

So many people, good honest hardworking people, who were visionary in their creativeness in pursing this hobby have passed recently. Sure they may not be perfect citizens, who is? But we should always try to remember people for the good they have done. Certainly that’s how I’d like to be remembered.

I want to avoid making a list of all those who are no longer with us, it’s simply too depressing. However, I would like to note that one such person was Chris Chianelli.

Chris was inspirational to many modelers for many years in every facet of the hobby. His face could be seen on TV, in print at Airage, and in the last year, on the internet over at A nice guy who loved the hobby. And a really memorable character.

Chris Chianelli



It reminds me that that like every human endeavor, even those for fun and leisure, the legacy of that endeavor must be passed on.

Today, I had a great email conversation with a respected fellow modeler and friend about this very topic. How do we get people like Chris and others to share their knowledge, wisdom, and passion, in a way that can be passed down? How do we nurture the “next generation”?

I don’t have an answer, but the question is a good one. In today’s world, the legacy of these great fellow modelers should not be lost, they should not be remembered just for the 3 paragraphs that were written about them online at the time of their passing.

In our hearts their spirit truly lives on, and no technology is needed for that. But wouldn’t it be great to have a way to pass down that modeling “know how” to the next generation, to people who are not their contemporaries?

As with all of us, I think this also reminds us that the time is NOW to do good, to enjoy life, and to find excitement in the hobby if that’s our passion! Live life to the fullest today.

It seems like everyone world-wide is “holding their breath” because of the economy or the conflicts between nations. I say DON’T! Let’s be active! Enjoy the day!

My best wishes go out to the friends and families of those we’ve lost, and let’s remember to enjoy the day, everyday.

Now, let’s go flying!



One Response to “Saying Goodbye to Respected Fellow Modelers..”

  1. David Says:

    Chris Information: Please blast it out. Fill the guest book

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