The Hobby People Family

As I sit here shoveling down my lunch so I can get back to work I was thinking about a event that just occurred here that really made me proud. I decided to share.

In an earlier post, I noted that Customer Service and Hobby People Mail Order phones are staffed by a fairly limited number of, but highly skilled and experienced hobbyists like Craig and Farrell.

Lately, a long time member of the Hobby People family, Mei, has been helping in this department. Now, let’s start here. She’s not a modeler nor will she ever be (she does knit, however; and she grows a mean tangerine).  However her “helping out” is what makes working here so great.

Mei, on a daily basis handles import management. Shipping stuff, handling L.C.’s, etc.  And she’s been doing this for us, along with lots of other stuff, for 20 years! My Father hired her in the 80’s!

But today, with one staff member out sick and another at a college seminar, who steps in to help us all out? Mei!

Just minutes ago, Mei came running in. “Mike, glad I found you, I have a customer that needs to know the construction and covering of this Decathlon we’re selling. Please give me the information so I can call him back. I called him originally to help with a credit card authorization problem, and now he wants more stuff and I want to help!”

She could have said, “Yeah, just go look at the website, maybe you’ll find it and figure it out”.. or maybe she could have “guessed”, or maybe should could have dismissed his question by saying “that’s not my job”. But no, Mei, wanted to help the customer, make the sale, and fill-in even though Mail Order is not her responsibility (and she’s got PLENTY of work to do herself. )

It’s just one of the reasons I love being part of the Hobby People Family. I grew up here and Mei has worked here since I was in high school! And even with all that time put in here, she doesn’t say things like “that’s not my job”, or “I’m too good for that.”

It was a proud moment…It reminds me that everyone here is just like that, doing “whatever it takes” to get things done and to help out each other.

So, if you get a call from Mei about your Mail Order, don’t worry. She may not be a modeler, but she, just like everyone here, truly appreciates your patronage and wants to help!




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