Airtronics Sweeps Arizona Southwest Soaring Festival

On the west side of the country, the Airzona Southwest Soaring Festival is the hot/big soaring contest that kinda’ starts off the competition season. And like so many other contests (like when Airtronics Pilot Bob McGowen won the Masters last year or when his son kicked but in Turkey at the World Champs in Junior F3J) Airtronics AWESOME pilots (yes, I’m biased and proud!) won this weekend.

Skip Miller tells me that Cody Remington (F3J Jr World Champion from 2006) took first, Daryl Perkins (Mult-time world and national champion) place 2nd, Skippy took 3rd, and Mike Smith came in 4th.

It seems it was a tight contest but in the end our pilots came out on top.

CONGRATS to everyone involved! Way to go TEAM AIRTRONICS!

Now, these guys are all flying the older top of the line Stylus. A great radio, but it’s about be replaced in these pilots’ hands by the new SD-10G. Skip showed this spectacular radio to the glider pilots at the contest this weekend and the feedback, in the words of Skip Miller, are summed up in 1 short phrase:

SD10G huge success.

It’s that simple! This competition 2.4GHz radio is MADE with competition in mind. And in Glider mode, it has what every glider pilot needs. From channel delay to setup for a 6 servo wing, to mixers with 9 points, this radio is easy to setup, intuitive to use, and will make glider pilots everywhere happy.

Airtronics pilots for years have said “Fly Airtronics, Get the Advantage”. They’ve then proven it with win after win.

This year will be no different. The SD10G is set and ready to give pilots the ADVANTAGE. Hype? Maybe. But with wins for decades and with a radio that was the results of a year of consultation between Sanwa programmers and USA Airtronics pilots, I believe this radio is truly awesome.

I can’t wait to show it to everyone in Toledo! Looks like we’ll be ready to go about that time!

And again, Congrats to “the TEAM”!

Fly Airtronics, Get the Advantage.



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2 Responses to “Airtronics Sweeps Arizona Southwest Soaring Festival”

  1. Bob Benjamin Says:


    Tell those glider guys for me, “Well done!”


  2. Robert Wright Says:

    Finally Airtronics is “back in the hunt” with the SD-10G. Loyal Airtronics flyers have felt like orphans for the last few years. I have two Stylus TXs. Will the FHSS module be forth coming for the Stylus ?? Will SD-10G sales verbiage point out the superiority of FHSS over other 2.4Ghz systems that merely use a backup channel ???

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