Stylus Module “Official”

In my last post, I pointed out that Airtronics pilots kicked serious butt at the AZ Soaring Festival. Each of those talented pilots were flying Airtronics. Specifically, their beloved Stylus.

And while we’re working hard to give those pilots a brand new competition radio, the SD-10G, there are many pilots like these who LOVE their Stylus.

Those pilots flew that contest with 72mhz. Obviously that’s perfectly OK, but these, guys, like all of you have been anxiously awaiting 2.4GHz for their Stylus. Well, their wait is almost done! The Stylus Module IS coming. Final flight testing happens next week and then assuming all goes well we’ll see this great 2.4GHz conversion in May!

Now I know we teased this at earlier shows, but at Airtronics, we have a different approach. We keep loyal owners involved all along the way and we don’t release on a time-schedule, we release on a “no product before it’s time” schedule. When we’re convinced it’s great, THEN we put it out there.

So, yes, we’re a little late and truly I’m sorry about that. So, to show our appreciate, the great minds at Sanwa and Airtronics and Hobby People have decided to show their appreciation with a $99.99 module. Yep, that’s right.

$99.99 for a 2.4GHz Stylus Module – only conversion.

That’s a module, the 2.4GHz antenna, a protected wire connection, and a really nice antenna adapter. Receivers will be separate.

And don’t forget within a month of that, we should have economy 7 channel and 6 channel receiver to compliment the 8 channel receiver that is compatible with the RDS8000, the Stylus 2.4GHz, and the new 10Channel.  And let’s not forget that the 8 channel receiver’s street price is, everyday, 20 dollars less than comparable 7 channel receivers from our competitors!

I’m excited to be able to share the news! Thank you all for being patient! The Module is now right around the corner!!!



3 Responses to “Stylus Module “Official””

  1. Robert Wright Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you !! That’s a great price for the Stylus 2.4Ghz RF conversion. How does one assure that he can get one of the first ones when available ???

    • mikegoesflying Says:

      I’ve seen a lot of excitement over this already. I’m very happy about it too!

      I just want to be clear that this is the Module only. Receivers will be separate. It’s a great price! But, I just wanted to make sure there was no confusion…

      ATX NO. 93884

      Order number through Hobby People/Global Hobby is 468407

      You will be able to place an order (what we call back order) them at the website or through Global Dealers starting this week.


  2. Robert Wright Says:

    Thanks Mike !!

    I just placed a backorder for the Airtronics 93884 Stylus 2.4Ghz Module …… yeah..yippee,…. yaba-daba-do!! … sometime in May ??? 😦


    ps: I sure hope I have a 92824 receiver by then

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