The Long Awaited, Heavily Anticipated, Highly Appreciated Product The Competition Said We’d Never Make…

To all the Nay-Sayers, Pessimists, and Combatants of Airtronics…. “Phoooey… And SHAME ON YOU for spreading untrue rumors!”

IT’S SO COOOOOOOOL! Now Airtronics Stylus Owners, true fans, and modelers simply happy with the radio they know and love, the World-Famous Stylus, can have 2.4GHz!!!

I don’t care who you are, this is one cool mouse-trap! A 2-piece machined metal base for the antenna, a metal flex-tube

2.4GHz Module - Stylus

2.4GHz Module - Stylus

for the wire going from the module to the antenna, and a module with a very simple, yet protected bind button. The 2.4GHz even screws on easily, thus it’s easily removed in case of a mis-hap…

We’re shooting for Early May, the product is AWESOME, and the price is stunning. $99.99

And, the normal, fully functional 8 channel receiver that is used with this module (the receiver in the RDS8000 radio) that is full range, only weigh 20g or so, and has an every day price of $79.99! I say, “How can you go wrong?”


This is a unique and FANTASTIC radio (Stylus owners seem to be life-long fans) and now you can convert it to 2.4GHz.


Stylus 2.4GHz Module - Quality Through and Through

Stylus 2.4GHz Module - Quality Through and Through

Stylus 2.4GHz Metal Base

Stylus 2.4GHz Metal Base


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21 Responses to “The Long Awaited, Heavily Anticipated, Highly Appreciated Product The Competition Said We’d Never Make…”

  1. jay Says:

    Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can I order 1?

  2. Robert Wright Says:

    Hi Mike,

    Does the Stylus 2.4Ghz antenna mount design appear reasonable and possible to switch a Stylus between 2.4Ghz and 72Mhz ???

  3. mikegoesflying Says:

    The mount is AWESOME. It simply screws into the antenna mount on the transmitter. Antenna screws into the adapter. It’s EASY.

    So, switching between 72 and 2.4GHz will take about 3 minutes and will require the little allen wrench we include with the set.

    See the picture:


  4. Alex Says:

    Cool, new and new 2.4 stuff 🙂
    Is it compatible with rds8000fhss? i think microRx module is on horizon 😉

    • mikegoesflying Says:

      The Stylus Module is compatible with the 8 Channel RDS8000 receiver as well as the new 6 and 7 channel receivers slated for release in May and June.


  5. Robert Wright Says:

    Hi Mike,

    Will you advise when the 6 and 7 channel 2.4Ghz receivers can be pre-ordered as you had done with the Stylus 2.4Ghz conversion ??

  6. Robert Wright Says:

    Hi Mike,

    Have you been “away” ?? I noticed a listing for the 7 channel 2.4ghz RX that states the following:
    “Airtronics has expanded their 2.4Ghz Aircraft Receiver Selection with this new, economical, light, full-range receiver, the 92674 FHSS receiver.

    This receiver is full-range, utilizes our industry 1st antenna extension design for optimum antenna position”

    What is the ” industry 1st antenna extension design” ???


    • mikegoesflying Says:

      I am seeing others claim their dual antennas on little extensions are somehow a “first” in the industry. The receiver in the RDS8000, designed in 2007 and had this. The new 7 channel has this, and the SD-10G receiver has this. So, I’m just pointing out that we were first.. actually.. 🙂

  7. Alex.Guzun Says:

    this new rx looks nice

    would also be nice if you’ll have 2ch rx for MX-3 FHSS

    • mikegoesflying Says:

      I don’t foresee any smaller receivers for the FHSS system. For the FHSS-2 system, there is a slightly smaller 3 channel coming out in about a month. It will be a little more affordable too.

  8. Alex Says:

    so having mx3fhss and rds8000fhss i can’t wait for any smaller rx at all?
    don’t tell me i need to sell my tx to get fhss-2 and be able to ge smaller rx.

    we have 7ch fhss now on preorder, and 6ch will come later?

    any sight of new surface radio?

    • mikegoesflying Says:

      ? I did not speak to the RDS8000 at all. The MX3 FHSS (I assume you mean the older FHSS rather than the new MX3FG FHSS-2) will not have a new receiver. As I said, the new FHSS-2 will have a smaller and cheaper 3 channel option available soon.

      The RDS8000 stock 8 channel receiver is being supplimented by a new 7 channel which is somewhat cheaper and significantly lighter. In about 2-3 months, we will also have a smaller 6 channel receiver. All three of these receivers will also work with the new SD-10G


  9. Alex Says:

    it’s clear now
    last time we talked you said may wiil be the month for parkflyer rx (asuming it is 6ch). Hope it will not be longer that 3months 😦

  10. mikegoesflying Says:

    After the SD-10G and the Stylus Module (both Due in May) we will release the 7 channel receiver (end of May). All of our practical testing is showing that the receiver is quite good.

    The 6 channel receiver has also tested well and will go into product right behind the 7 channel receiver. That means we should have it in June. But until Sanwa confirms shipment I cannot say 100% for certain


  11. Chad Says:

    I am way excited. A 6ch that will compatible with the RDS8000!!! I hope its full range and about $50 to keep-up with Spectrum/JR. I have the RDS8000 and seriously considered selling it and the three receives I have for it, because I am tired paying $80 for a heavy receiver and channels I will never use. I am getting in to park fliers and really want to have a light receiver that is way cheaper.

    • mikegoesflying Says:

      The 7 channel is lighter than the 8 and is somewhat cheaper. The new 6 is not considered “full range” but will have more than enough for park flying and smaller glow aircraft (Like up through 25 size planes). As compared to Spektrum’s park flyer receivers in the 50 dollar range, I expect ours to work similarly. I do not have a final price on the receiver yet, but we will be “in the ball-park”, I am certain.

      Note that the 7 channel receiver is coming first (2-3 weeks). The 6 channel looks like it will be done in July.

      We’ve tested the 6 in all kinds of stuff including a T-Rex 250 with very good result. Response it great, range is way way way farther than you could ever see a T-Rex 250.


  12. Chad Says:

    Thank you for the update, that was just the information I was looking for.

  13. Robert Wright Says:

    “After the SD-10G and the Stylus Module (both Due in May)”, only five days left in May !………………..Where’s my Stylus module ??

    • mikegoesflying Says:

      Indeed! Ok, so here’s where we’re at..

      The SD-10G is shipping from the factory this week.

      The Stylus Module has been delayed because I wasn’t 100% satisfied with it. It works great, as is, in all normal situations, but for the high performance glider crowd, I’m not getting the extreme range I want for those guys. So, Sanwa is working on it now. I expect a resolution very very soon.


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