I’m famous now.. Airage posted my seminar about 2.4Ghz use …

Mike’s Podcast at Airage

I gave a seminar at Toledo about the basics of 2.4Ghz for use in airplanes. Had a pretty good crowd show up. Airage recorded it. Click on the link and you too can hear me stumble over words as I talk about 2.4Ghz basic use and tips and information.

It’s fun to give these types of presentations when everyone in the audience is so nice. It really was a great crowd and they seemed to really like it.



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2 Responses to “I’m famous now.. Airage posted my seminar about 2.4Ghz use …”

  1. curtis cullen Says:

    enjoyed your talk.. have one big question and that is i have a new 50cc airplane w/noise prob.. i guess it is coming from the cdi… will 2.4 g stop this?

  2. mikegoesflying Says:

    Most Ignition systems do not affect 2.4Ghz equipment. However, they “can”.

    I suggest shielding the Ignition box (wrap it in Aluminum Foil), and use a resistor type plug. This usually stops the interference even with your 72 equipment.

    Anyway, there is no guarantee that the 2.4Ghz absolutely for sure will not be affected. However, 99% of the time it does. All the SAM guys flying their antique planes with mechanical ignitions are finding HUGE success with 2.4Ghz. Those old magneto systems could not be noise-suppressed and thus the 72 stuff always glitches a little. The 2.4Ghz equipment solved it.


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