Great Day Flying at the Valley Flyers Apollo Field

I want to say a big THANK YOU to the Valley Flyers for inviting us once again to their annual club fly-in. This annual event (originally called Magnum Engine Day), started years ago by Harvey Elmes, has been a great way for us to get out to the field and talk to fellow modelers about operating tips for engines. Over the years, these seminars that we’ve presented right at the field have evolved into several seminars.

This year we gave 3. The first was the traditional Engine Operating Tips. The second was a informational seminar on Care and safety when operating Li-PO batteries. The third, new for this year, was a short discussion about how to use 2.4Ghz radios. Things like voltage, antenna placement, etc. were discussed.

Each seminar lasted 45 minutes including the question and answer session and drew about 30 people. It was great to see attendance at the event was up. I’m not sure of the final totals but there were a HUGE amount of planes and helis ranging in category from Slow Flyers to EDF’s to Turbines to Glow and EP helis. Just about every facet of the R/C flying hobby was represented.

So, THANK YOU to the Valley Flyers for having us out again to the Basin for some fun and for hosting such a nice, friendly event. It could not have been any nicer. And of course, special thanks to the President of the Club, Jason Pakfar for his continued support and to Dave Hendrix Event CD.

Here’s a some pics of the activities:

Seminar Pics:

Talking about 2.4Ghz and showing off the new Airtronics SD-10G.


Talking about proper airflow using the beautiful UltraFly Cirrus SR-22 as an example.


Thanks to our pilots and staff who all came out to help. Craig Kaplan (He’s single ladies!) from our XTM and Airtronics Service Dept, and Eric Pacheco EF Heli/Airtronics Pilot. Eric flies R/C heli’s commercially for the movies. The EF Heli Cypher he was flying was just used in the new Chipmunks 2 movie. Not shown, because he was taking all the pics, was Russ Greaves from our service dept.



During the day, we did get a chance to fly a little.  It wasn’t all show and tell. Eric put the Daytime Cypher (he has a night-prepared-Cypher all dolled up with lights) through it’s paces. I put some time on the UltraFly SR-22. These are truly great products that simply work GREAT.





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2 Responses to “Great Day Flying at the Valley Flyers Apollo Field”

  1. Tom Keliher Says:

    Dang, I am sorry I missed the seminars this year. I was in China! I look forward to seeing you at the Western States Electric Fly-In!

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