Team Airtronics Blog

Here’s an updated PLUG for the Team Airtronics Blog


Many of the team members are starting to post and we’re growing our links section. There are some driver and pilot profiles posted (although not nearly all of them, only a few are up).

With the release of the SD-10G and the M11X, there’s a lot to talk about! I hope you enjoy it.



2 Responses to “Team Airtronics Blog”

  1. ANDY Says:

    Hi Mike,
    Is there any chance of SD-10g coming in flat non shiny or black finish.
    Slider switches of any better quality.

    • mikegoesflying Says:

      Sanwa has been actively involved with customer feedback since the release. Once they have reviewed the information, they will report back. So, can we expect some changes to the radio? Will it evolve? Probably. They designed the firmware so that it can be updated, in some cases even by the user. Does it work as-is. It seems to. People are winning with it, as-is. And if they make any changes, we will obviously announce them as soon as we have that information.


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