The New Hotness – BH Models Gilmore Oil “Red Lion Racer” 46 Size ARF

Some models are simply special. This is one of those models. This is the new Red Lion Racer from BH Models. This Golden Age Scale Aircraft is truly a work of art in ARF format. CHECK IT OUT…

Gilmore Low Side 800x600

1. Fiberglass Cowling with Radial engine Detail. Factory cut out and painted. Has enough airflow too so no major mods are needed.

2. Cockpit is finished. There’s a dash, a pilot, and the windshield is installed.

3. Scale wheel covers. The wheels stick out enough to be practical too.

4. Scale markings throughout. I love the tail shots. The plane simply looks awesome.

5. Installed Wing Fairings. The flairs on the side of the fuselage that blend the fuselage to the top of the wing are Built-in and properly covered. They are NOT Plastic add-ons.

6. Covering is Oracover. Scale markings are decals.

7. It may have a short nose but it properly balances with a 46 two stroke! Yep, it works with a 2 stroke.

8. We installed a 4120/05 on extensions with no problem. So going brushless is going to work out just fine.


Wingspan: 1470mm – 57.87in

Length: 1180mm – 46.46in

Weight: 2.7kg – 5.94lb

(this will vary according to power system of course)

Engine: 46-52 two stroke, 52 to 70 four stroke

Motor: 4120/05 on 4-5 cells

Radio: 4 ch (A/E/T/R)

Servos: 5 standard (or 4 if electric). 1 for each aileron – 1 for the elevator (split elev pushrod to 1 servo) – 1 for the rudder – and 1 for the throttle if flying glow.

BH Models are distributed by Global Hobby Distributors and Sold at Authorized Dealers including, of course, Hobby People (

Enjoy the Pics:

Click Here to see the entire Red Lion Racer Photo Album in High Resolution


Gilmore - Tiff 800x600

Gilmore - Cowl 800x600


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18 Responses to “The New Hotness – BH Models Gilmore Oil “Red Lion Racer” 46 Size ARF”

  1. Tommy D Says:

    It looks sweet

  2. mikegoesflying Says:

    Did you look through the Photo Album? There’s quite a few shots there, you can really get a look at the detailing of this airplane. It is stunning.

  3. Joseph P Says:

    Gotta have the 45-50CC Red Lion!! do you have an approximate ETA? is the 46 Red Lion equipped with a hatch?

    Best regards: Joe

    • mikegoesflying Says:

      Honestly, I haven’t even seen it yet! I am waiting on BH for an ETA. They have SEVERAL 45-50cc airplanes coming.

  4. Gary Hebert Says:

    The actual Gilmore Red Lion # 121 is in the Wedell-Williams Memorial Museum in Patterson, LA along with a few other classic planes from the 30’s. It’s a very cool museum.

    Do you have the manufacturer’s specs/paint code for the “Silver Creme” paint? We are restoring a 50’s canned ham camper trailer and when we saw the actual color scheme on the plane, we knew that’s the paint combo we want on our trailer.



    • mikegoesflying Says:

      The tan is actually Ultracote/Oracover Tan. We had to modify the color to match the covering! Also note that the big Gilmore Red Lion Model has arrived from BH!

  5. Danny Says:

    Very nice. It’s on the 2010 wish list!

  6. lou k Says:

    are there other kits/ ARof the Wedell out there to look at building??

  7. Gary Hebert Says:

    Hey Mike,

    Here’s how our canned ham turned out.

    • mikegoesflying Says:

      The trailer looks great. Looks like a lot of work went into getting it all painted up! Planning on putting it to use soon? Summer trips, etc?

      • Gary Hebert Says:

        Yes, have the 1st trip planned for Feb 19th weekend with other tiny trailer and teardrop trailer enthusists. It’s taken almost a year to get it where we are now. Have a few finishing touches to complete in the next few weeks. We plan to use it often!

  8. Paint Repair Kits Says:

    Great post. I’ve been looking for this exact information for a while now. Bookmarked!

  9. mikegoesflying Says:

    I hope you enjoy the camper! It looks great. Retro is cool! Here is So CA we can camp/hike pretty much year round and it’s pretty popular. We’re pretty lucky. (although last week and this week there’s a LOT of snow out there now.. it’s too cold for camping!)

  10. Marc Sweigard Says:


    Do you have any instructions or photo’s for the electric conversion? I am especially interested in what was done for battery access.



    • mikegoesflying Says:

      I made a box under the motor and cut a door into the bottom of the cowl. It is hinged with ez connectors and held in place with magnets. This allows removable of the battery.

      Most people however made a mount inside the fuselage and remove the wing to remove the batteries.

  11. Bill McGehee Says:

    How does the 50cc Gilmore Red lion handle in the air?


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