Customer Feedback that Makes it all worthwhile….

A brand new SD-10G owner asked me about battery charging. I let him know we really do recommend charging the tx battery out of the radio if using a fast or peak charger. After getting the answer and having the radio for a day, here’s his email back to me…


As always its a pleasure, I will charge it out of the transmitter. My friend Dave (last names left out to protect the innocent…) also has an SD-10G coming. He’s going to like it a lot. I have just started to learn the programming and I can tell you it’s a lot easier than JR……….not just a little easier, a LOT easier. I’m on board for the Airtronics accessories, as soon as you make them I can sell all my JR buddies my JR stuff and “go blue”……..You have a nice radio you have produced, thanks.

Rusty … NH 03584
As a Product Manager, customer feedback does not get any better than this. I’ve been modeling my whole life and the idea here is to make products that modelers will enjoy. The SD-10G seems to have truly achieved this. I simply couldn’t be more pleased.. Makes my entire weekend! Thanks Rusty! And THANK YOU to everyone who’s taken a chance on our new radio.

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8 Responses to “Customer Feedback that Makes it all worthwhile….”

  1. Mike Says:

    I’m on my way to “going totally blue” as well.

    Just gotta sell my JR stuff, and my RDS8000 for a shiny new SD-10G :D.

    You guys comming out with any other receivers? I’d love some smaller (and a little cheaper) receivers for my parkflyers too.


    • mikegoesflying Says:

      6 channel park flyer receiver is next. Smaller, lighter, more affordable, still enough range for outdoor small plane flying and 6 channels so it is great for use with 180 and 250 size helis…

  2. mikeflysgliders Says:

    Awesome. I can’t wait for those. Any idea on a realase date?

  3. mikegoesflying Says:

    I do not yet have a release date for the 6 channel. I suspect it will be in July but it is not finalized.

  4. mt_100 Says:

    I’d be interested in knowing as well. After just buying an RDS8000 I’m a bit upset with the fact that there is only one receiver available.

    The 6 channel sounds nice, but limited range? And a 7 channel for $69.99 that is still only pre-order?

    The Global forums has had discussion of new receivers for a very long time and we are still waiting. Wish I had known before the purchase. I can now see why folks are dumping RDS8000 transmitters for $90.

    I don’t mean to be so negative, Airtronics has long been a quality radio, but time to market here is terrible. Just isn’t enough in it for me to be interested in staying with them anymore. People may knock the competitors, but they have product out and available, and it isn’t overpriced to get a receiver.

  5. mikegoesflying Says:

    The 7 channel is a full range receiver, smaller and lighter than the 8, and will arrive here Monday according to FEDEX.

    The 6 channel is next. The President of Sanwa will be here Monday so we’ll be discussing exactly why the 6 ch was delayed and when we can expect it.

    The 6 channel is not full range like the 7 ch (7ch and 8ch are about 1.5 miles, 10ch is about 2.1 miles), but it still has good range and will fly park flyers, smaller electrics and glow. You’re just not going to have the full 1.5 miles of range people expect from a “full range” receiver to be used in 60-90 size planes.

    Comparatively, our receivers are still vastly more affordable than the competition. Our 8 is cheaper than their 7, our 10 is cheaper than their 9, our 7 is VASTLY cheaper than their 7.

    I’m sorry you’re upset about the wait for receivers and I agree that it has taken much longer than I would have preferred, keep in mind that Airtronics has essentially changed the ENTIRE line of radios, car and aircraft.

    MX3 FHSS2
    M11 FHSS2
    M11X FHSS3
    SD-10G FHSS3
    7ch rx
    8ch rx
    10ch rx
    car 3 and 4 FHSS2 rx
    Car 4 FHSS3 rx

    And they’ve done all of that in 24 months.

    I’m not saying they’re perfect, but they’re NOT sitting around doing nothing either.


  6. mt_100 Says:

    Mike, thank you for the response.

    Would you say the 6 channel would be safe in 40 size planes? I know it is a “Park flyer” rx but I wanted to get clarification on the range if you could.

    Also, will Airtronics be the first to come out with an affordable 4 ch receiver that can be used in full range?

    You are correct that your receivers are less expensive for the comparable size from other vendors. Do you see prices falling over time or new less expensive models coming?

    Honestly, the first vendor that can sell an Rx with a .5 mile reliable range that is at least 4 channels for $30 – $35 will have my whole fleet, without hesitation. A full range 5 channel for $40 would hands down put you in the lead.

    Please feel free to let me know if you do not want me hogging up your blog.

  7. mikegoesflying Says:

    In 25 size planes, the park flyer is going to be fine. But in the 40 size planes, the 7 channel is the receiver to use.


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