Time to Build a New Plane – Which One? – Audience Participation Requested.

Several of the staff here have asked me to feature a plane here at the blog. Show the assembly, etc.

Rather than me picking, I thought it would be “funner” (no that is not a real word..) for everyone to get a vote.

I like all the categories and planes we sell in general, thus I’m happy to assemble whatever planes you all want to see.

Pick a plane from any of these brands and vote. Comment here, send me a message at Twitter, etc..

Thanks in advance for your input!

Click on the name to take you to the website to see the selection:

ASM – Advanced Scale Models

Model Tech ARF’s


BH Models (Black Horse)

VQ Models

Sport Flyers by Hobby People

Phase 3


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9 Responses to “Time to Build a New Plane – Which One? – Audience Participation Requested.”

  1. Paul Lee Says:

    My votes (in order of most wished, to least).

    ASM 10 Foot Cessna (build this one up as Electric!)

    The new Red Lion Racer when it comes in.

    VQ Airacobra

    Ultrafly BAE Hawk

  2. Johnny Says:

    Hi Mike,
    My Vote is :
    VQ Cap10b
    BH P36
    ASM F7F Tigercat (cant help it everybody in my club is a warburd nut)
    Model Tech 3Demon.

    Love my SD-10G


  3. mikegoesflying Says:

    OK, I can get started on a “review” of the 3Demon. Russ is flying one (Russ works in Customer service). I’ll have him get me some pics and do a write up. Anyting in particular you’d like to know about it???

    The others I will take under advisement. They are all good suggestions! Larry Wolfe at Jet Hanger is dying to get me to build an F7F Tigercat so he and I can go fly it! Of course, my Father, who owned a full size 182 some years ago with Don Nix (former owner of PowerMaster) would like to see the 182 put together..

    Decisions…. Decisions…

  4. Paul Lee Says:

    I’d sure like to see the 182.. .I have my eye on the new Top Flite 182 ARF — with an 81″ span its not quite as large as yours, but still a good size plane. I’m likely going to have one of those two in my garage soon enough

  5. Forrest Barton Says:

    Mike I would say the ASM F7F or the 23cc BHM T-28

    Loving the SD-10, gets better the further I get into it.

  6. Tom Keliher Says:

    BH Models Gilmore Red Lion!

  7. Tommy D Says:

    There can be only 1…


    Make her and electric, no less then 6 cells and 1.5KW


    Tommy D

  8. mikegoesflying Says:

    Dago Red with some overpowered BL system is in my humble estimation a spectacular idea…

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