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This past weekend, Mike Did NOT go flying, but Russ did! So, from Russ Greaves here in the CS, dept here is the RussGoesFlying Report on the 3Demon:

Russ's 3Demon with the RDS8000 Radio

Russ's 3Demon with the RDS8000 Radio

This 3Demon has been flying for about 2 years now. It is powered with a KMS Quantum 4120/05 motor with a Castle ESC and an Impulse 4 cell, 4000mAh battery. Prop is an APC 13×5

It has Hitec servos in it and a Airtronics RDS8000.  EDIT: Russ Tells me that I am thinking of an earlier prototype with Hitec Servos. This 3Demon that he has been flying has the Airtronics Digital 94761z Metal Gear Micro servos in it. The receiver was changed to the new 7 channel 2.4GHz Airtronics receiver that just arrived into stock. It’s good to get 1st hand flying experience on the latest products. As expected, the receiver worked flawlessly. The antenna extensions make it easy to get the antennas away from servo wires. As you can see in the pictures, one of the antennas is mounted vertically up into the canopy, thus it is up and away from all the power wires too. So, even though the 3Demon fuselage is small, the antennas are easily mounted away from the power system to maximize range.

The 3Demon is made for this electric motor and has the wood mount stand off included. It also has a nice battery access hatch through the canopy so there is no need to take apart the airplane to change the battery.

The airplane light, nimble, and easy to fly. It feels like an oversized parkflyer.

Photo Album

See Russ’s Video:

3Demon Video

If you have questions about the plane and/or setup, comment here at my blog or contact Russ directly

3Demon at Hobby People


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