SD10G wins again

Hey Mike,
Just wanted to let you know I won a local contest with the SD-10G over the weekend. The conditions were light and we had to fly very far away. It gave people a good taste of the great range of the SD-10G. It really got some peoples attention. The competition was very was very tough, everyone was going for short launches and pushing the clock. To win a round you needed a 9:55 and 99-100. So that means we needed to have a less than 5 sec launch which on which is very low, and be about 7 inches from the spot every time. In the end I was .2 points away from perfect, and 2nd place was only 4 points behind that. It was very close the 4 points works out to about 2 sec of the whole contest, there was no room for error. We ship out stuff to the NATS this Tuesday and the competition starts next week. We as prepared as possible, so we hope to get the SD-10G its first national title.


3 Responses to “SD10G wins again”

  1. David Zucker Says:

    Go get um you guys. This radio deserves the spotlight. Flew it today on my Supra and it was rock solid at speck distance with almost real time input responce. Still need a couple little tweaks but the change over was a breeze.

    Good luck,
    I remember when you showed up at Visalia as a rookie kid.
    How things have changed!

    David Zucker
    Pismo each Soaring Society

  2. mikeflysgliders Says:

    Awesome! I love this thing. I’ve had mine specked out plenty of times and never oncehada problem. Great work on the radio for sure!

  3. mikegoesflying Says:

    Mike Smith took first in 2M yesterday at the Nats. So, we had 3 SD-10G Airtronics radios in the top 10!
    Mike 1
    Skip 4
    Cody 10

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