Been Out Flying!

This last month has seen several prototypes flown for the first time. Successfully too!

First up is the Model Tech Super Fli. This plane is based on the Kraft Super Fli plans published by Model Airplane News. Designer Chris White has blown them up and modified the heck out of them to convert this unusual aircarft to modern airframe design with an 84″ span. We modified it further for use with electric. We’re running a KMS 5331/10 motor on a 10 cell lipo pack. ESC is a high voltage Castle 85. It took  a couple of flights to get it dialed in but we’re now flying it with great success on an 18×10 prop.

Model Tech Super Fli

Model Tech Super Fli

We also put the maiden voyage on the new Model Tech P-51B 91 size. This prototype ARF has a very unusual finish in that it’s painted flat over both paint and covering giving it a consistent finish usually not found in ARF aircraft. We’re flying it with an RDS8000 radio and a Magnum 91 Four Stroke. You can choose to install air retracts or run the gear fixed. What’s nice is that you can build it fixed and add retracts later .  We’ve now flown it several times and find it is simply a blast to fly. The 91 pulls it around GREAT.

Model Tech P-51B 91Size ARF

Model Tech P-51B 91Size ARF

Model Tech is poised to release approximately 6 new aircraft in 2010. From Scale to sport, they’ve got an aggressive new release schedule. The planes fly GREAT! I think you’re going to really like them!

p.s. THANKS to Mark Silzle for the great build on that P-51B and Russ Greaves for all the work on the Super Fli. Outstanding job building these prototype planes with no directions, no guidance, etc.


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8 Responses to “Been Out Flying!”

  1. Tommy D Says:

    I really like the fact that it’s NOT a “bubble top”! Good to see Model Tech back in the game with an aggressive strategy.

    • mikegoesflying Says:

      Well, the problem is that all the scale documentation for this plane HAS the bubble canopy. I’m thinking of asking them to do both versions. One of the Old Crow with the Bubble canopy and then one of a different P51B withOUT the bubble canopy. To many of the scale enthusiasts, when I showed them this prototype they all got upset. Old Crow P51B HAS the bubble top!

      As for Model Tech, I think the plan for next year is to be very aggressive. There are many beautiful scale birds in the works along with some nice sport planes too.

      • Tommy D Says:

        Meh… Supply the model olive drab and allow the builder decide if he wants the decal on it or not.

  2. mikegoesflying Says:

    I think the idea here is to finish the model as you would if painting it, thus the final clear coat is over everything including the decal.

  3. Tommy D Says:

    Gotcha! I tend to forget how fickle some of the scale guys can get!

    I don’t think a can of matt spary on the decal would be too much for somone to apply though. Then again with so many models today people want to shake the box, open it, and go fly!

  4. Danny Says:


    It’s a tough call between sales and keeping to scale. I think you’ll lose sales of this kit to both. Since the bubble top is a bit controversial, finish the plane with decals, and put both canopies in the box and let the builder decide.

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