ProPeak Cavalier Charger

New Cavalier Multi-Charger - VERY NICE

New Cavalier Multi-Charger - VERY NICE

Some of you may or may not have noticed that Hobby People sells the ProPeak Brand. I think a lot of you have considering how many Prodigy II chargers we’ve sold in the last couple of years. This was a great charger but it didn’t offer balancing.

ProPeak, a brand developed by Ripmax in the UK, has been working on an entirely new line of ProPeak battery chargers. The first one is this great, very versatile, easy to use, charger, the Cavalier. While not named for my wife’s Alma Mater (the Santiago Cavaliers), the charger’s name I think fits. The charger, in my opinion, is really best in class and has a lot to be Cavalier about.

I’ve been using one for a couple of months and it’s simply flawless.

Here’s what it does/what I like about it…

Charges from a 12V battery or power supply and works equally well with both.

Screen is REALLY easy to read, even in the Sun.

Charges every battery pack I’m using right now. Single cell Li-PO for my little Mini Spitfire, 4 cell 2500 for my Squall, the 2 5 cell 4000mAh batteries from my Super Fli, the 8 cell NiMH cells in my TX, the 4 cell nimh RX battery in my Super Fli, the 12V Lead Acid battery in my glow tote box,.. I could go on but you get the idea.

The balance taps in the side work with many of the Chinese cells used in many RTF products. The included balance adapter works with the current Impulse balance tap and other similar plugs such as the ones used on Thunder Power. There are other adaptors available aftermarket from ProPeak that will make it work with every balance tap type I could find.

The charger has an optional thermal sensor. So, if your battery gets too hot during charge, the charger shuts off.

Note that it has both balance and non-balance charge modes so if you don’t want to balance charge, you don’t have to. Non-Balance charging is faster when recharging at the field.

It’s a quality unit that simply works and isn’t that what you want in a charger?


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