2009 Saw a LOT of New Airplane Products

Looking through the blog, it comes to mind that we’ve released a lot of product at Global/Hobby People/Airtronics that wasn’t really covered or mentioned here. So, I thought over the next few days we’d point out some of these 2009 releases as kind of a proud look back on 2009.

For today, we have the Mini P51D Mustang.

Phase 3 Mini Mustang

This is an interesting little plane. It’s made for outdoor, but it’s the size of many indoor plane. It only uses 1 cell and has a custom little brushed motor optimized for that 1 cell. It comes built and painted with servos and linkage installed. It only requires a TX and RX. Any of the ATX radios drop right in.

What’s also cool is that it is the sister plane to the Phase 3 Mini Spitfire. And the Mustang is painted in European color too, so they really do go together.

Phase 3 Mini Spitfire

 So, if you’re looking for a 6 ounce figher that flies faster than some 40 size planes, check these little guys out. They’re fun and good looking.


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2 Responses to “2009 Saw a LOT of New Airplane Products”

  1. mauro henrique rodrigues Says:

    i love my airtronics vanguard (1996) i love my rd8000 (2004)………………..

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