Great 2009 Releases. BH Models Red Lion

I was out at the Farmer’s Market today in L.A. There they have a area featuring Gilmore Red Lion Oil. They have a complete gas station setup and an interesting historical timeline on the company.

Gilmore Gas Pump at Farmer's Market

So, I thought what better time to show the BH Models Red Lion Racers. These are sport-scale ARF versions of one of the Red Lion Racer.

46 Size Gilmore


There are 2 versions.

Click here for 46 Size

Click here for the 45-50cc Size

They both have detailed fiberglass cowls, truly round fuselaged with built-in wood wing fairings, and a completed canopy with a painted pilot. They’re nice and fly great. And for those that want some Golden-Age racing, get a couple and start racing at your local club!

Here’s a link to my 46 size that is electrified with a KMS 4130 and 6S LiPo

Click Here

There’s a TON of beautiful stuff from BH Models. They are some of the absolute best ARF models we’ve EVER seen. (Tons more coming this year too!)


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One Response to “Great 2009 Releases. BH Models Red Lion”

  1. Danny Says:

    Beautiful plane, it’s on the to-get list!

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