AMA EXPO – Huge Success in 2010

Jack Albrecht, Craig Kaplan, Eric Biddle - The Airtronics Guys

Thank you to everyone for coming out to see us in Ontario. This year, AMA was a GREAT host. I want to say thank you to everyone at the AMA for their hard work and dedication to make this show a reality every year. It is a positive influence in the hobby.

The Hobby People booth was packed with modelers talking to the folks from our stores. We offered a lot of great prices and it was great to see so many people carrying around blue bags full of Hobby People goodies!

The Airtronics booth was equally busy. We had Jack Albrecht with us all weekend down from his northern CA home. It is good to see Jack every year in person at the show. My father, John, and many of his Victor Valley fellow club members came out and hung-out in the booth. We all got to talk Airplanes and show off the new Airtronics radios, receivers and servos. We just released 9 new servos and a new economy full range 6ch receiver. Airtronics is doing everything it can to make the hobby more affordable!

Colonel Robert E Thacker with Sam Wright - AMA Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony

Besides seeing so many friends and family, the highlight for the weekend was the Colonel’s AMA Hall of Fame membership ceremony. He’s a great guy and deserving of the recognition. It was the feel-good moment of the show with people like the Renaud’s, Gus Ohlsson, and the AMA President along with 3 or 4 hundred others all applauding the man of the hour! The hobby is made up and lead by a lot of great people. And some of them, like the Colonel, even at 92 years young, still like to fly (and fly FAST I might add!) The Colonel has been an Airtronics pilot for as long as Airtronics has been around!

A Fantastic Event. Don’t miss it next year! I know you all bought a lot of new toys at the show,  go FLYING and have some FUN!!! I’ll see you out there!



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