Some shots at Toledo..

Last month I worked the Toledo Show as I’ve done for the last several years with Hobby People and Airtronics. Toledo is simply spectacular for RC Aircraft. If you have a passion for R/C you should go to Toledo at least once. Airtronics and Hobby People booths were simply packed all weekend. I gave two seminars, one on the basics of using 2.4GHz radios and one that was simply an info-mercial in-person for Airtronics. Team Member Mark Atwood every year gives a seminar on intro to programming computer radios. Each are well-attended by friendly modelers. GOT to love the midwest. Everyone is so friendly and polite and EXCITED about our hobby!

Here’s a link to my photo album with static shots of some of the display aircraft. These displays are ALWAYS beautiful!

Toledo Shots


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2 Responses to “Some shots at Toledo..”

  1. Tom Keliher Says:

    Nice photo album Mike. I am wondering if your extreme interest in the “bi-wing and flying wire” types are indicative of a future product from HP? šŸ™‚

    • mikegoesflying Says:

      I tried to get pics of some of the more interesting scale subjects because my buddies in the Scale Squadron might like to see them. Sorry, no behind-the-scenes motivation. I just personally thought these subjects were interesting. I think this year’s Toledo saw more and better aircraft than years prior on display.

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