Events Coming Up!

In the next few weeks there are some great events coming up.

April 30 at the Fountain Valley Main Warehouse. Our famous warehouse sale is BACK! It’s 1 day, first come first serve. I suggest you get there eary for the cool stuff! Info will be on the Hobby People website this week.

May 14 at the Apollo Field-Valley Flyers Pizza Fun Fly. I’ll be there with 3 seminars and if you enter, you’ll have Pizza and a fabulous day of controlled flying at one of the most famous fields on the planet, the Apollo Field.

May 21st – Airtronics Open House at the Fountain Valley Hobby People. Another warehouse event, we’ll have Airtronics Team guys, reps from the Team USA 2011 F3B team, giveaways, seminars, Airtronics staff, a special sale and trade in program and more. Details will be up at the Hobby People website and here as well no later than the 10th. Regardless of whether you own Airtronics, this is an event worth attending.

We’ll see you there!



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3 Responses to “Events Coming Up!”

  1. Tom Gressman Says:

    My SD 10G is the finest sailplane radio I have used since I began flying RC sailplanes in 1975. When I purchased my 10G I was told that software upgrades would be offered so I purchased the USB adapter. As of yet I have not seen any upgrades. When will an upgrade be released and what enhancements will it contain?

    • mikegoesflying Says:

      Sanwa showed an SD-10G Super at the last Japanese Trade show but has not yet released any details. Also note that USB adapter is used to backup model memory files to your computer and allows you to send them to other people and/or download other SD-10G model setups from other SD-10G owners to your computer and radio.

    • mikegoesflying Says:

      Sanwa has not released this information. They showed an updated version at a show in Japan but have not released anything.

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