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B17 Video up on You Tube

July 6, 2010

We put together a quick video on the B17G. It came out pretty good. Just a nice overview to see the performance on our recommended Electric system


Upcoming B17G is a winner already!

May 23, 2010

ASM B17G Shoo Shoo Shoo Baby

The new ASM 120″ B17G took “best detailed ARF” and took a prize for best Multi-Engine aircraft at the 1/8th Airforce Event in AZ.

B-17G Coverage at Model Airplane News. Click Here

This new model will be available Late Summer along with a 120″ Lancaster too. Click Here

This just in… We’re testing optional bombay doors for the B17G that customers may be able to install after-market! Need to drop stuff? Check this out!

UP-DATE – Flown by Larry Wolfe of Jet Hangar Hobbies (an official Airtronics and ASM dealer), the B-17G took two more awards this weekend at the Jerry Ortego Memorial Fun Fly 2010 sponsored by the Scale Squadron of So. CA.

-People’s Choice Award – 3rd Place

-Best Scale, Most Realistic Flight – 1st Place
ASM is proud to have Larry Wolfe and JHH on the Team. Larry sure flew the B17G superbly this last weekend. Thank you to the Scale Squadron and Larry Wolfe for a great a event and a great piloting job!

Nice Event Schedule for the West Coast

January 22, 2010

Matt Sylvester in Arizona put this together. I thought it was nice.. He’s staying ahead of even the AMA on some of the local events

West Coast Schedule

Also, I’ll be out with the Airtronics Tent and we’ll most likely be showing the B17 from ASM in the Jet Hangar booth next weekend in Airzona for the Electric Festival. If you’re in the Phoenix area, that weekend (30 and 31) come by, say hi!

Here’s a link: Electric Festival

Scale Squadron

October 15, 2009

Just a quick update.. I’ve been over to the Scale Squadron meeting a couple of times, showing off new stuff from BH, ASM, Airtronics, etc.  They ALWAYS treat me well. And since they’re all scale-buff’s they always give me insight and details on the planes. It’s a great give and take! Here’s a few pics.. Notice the full size pilot with his life size radio!

Big stack o' planes

Big stack o' planes

Gus & RD 8000 2.4

Gus & RD 8000 2.4

Time to Build a New Plane – Which One? – Audience Participation Requested.

June 20, 2009

Several of the staff here have asked me to feature a plane here at the blog. Show the assembly, etc.

Rather than me picking, I thought it would be “funner” (no that is not a real word..) for everyone to get a vote.

I like all the categories and planes we sell in general, thus I’m happy to assemble whatever planes you all want to see.

Pick a plane from any of these brands and vote. Comment here, send me a message at Twitter, etc..

Thanks in advance for your input!

Click on the name to take you to the website to see the selection:

ASM – Advanced Scale Models

Model Tech ARF’s


BH Models (Black Horse)

VQ Models

Sport Flyers by Hobby People

Phase 3

It’s the Holiday Season!

December 6, 2008

OK, I’m guilty… It’s been truly FOREVER since I’ve posted anything! I appreciate everyone who’s read and commented and I hope I didn’t make anyone feel like I abandoned them or the blog here. The last couple of months are always crunch time for us at work. This year was simply busier than most.

Let’s get back to it!

Product is the name of the game here and in the last 2 months, we’ve been working EXTRA hard to get everything done and out for you. Look at the list of new stuff we’ve released in the last few months!

Phase 3 – Mini Spitfire

I like this one because it’s tiny, but in the air it still flies great. It’s an OUTDOOR airplane even though it’s small. It’s zippy and fun. And , it doesn’t come with a radio so you can just drop in a receiver from a radio you already use and you’re good to go. The Receiver from the RDS8000 fits, no problem!

I mentioned this one earlier this year, but I will again. The Mini Mach Racer came in from Model Tech.  It’s small and fast and will take a pretty wide range of small, hot motors.

The ASM Big Sukhoi arrived last week. Perfect for a Mark 1.35 or OS 140, this is a nice plane that has scale looks and flies well. I think it’s a value at 250.00 too.

For the big planes, you need big servos. The new Airtronics 94780M servo has 423 in-oz of torque, it’s a standard size servo, and it delivers that power on 6.0V (It does not require a 2 cell lipo to deliver this power). I know, our competition now makes a standard size servo that runs on a 2 cell lipo direct. But here’s what I don’t get.. It only produces 40 in-oz of torque more than the 94780M and it costs 75.00 MORE!!!! The 94780M is only 125.00 bucks, making it the most powerful servo, with the lowest price, in its class. I think everyone will be pleased with the performance. It’s impressive.

BH released a ton of new planes. For electric:

BH52 J-3 Cub Electric, the BH53 Decathlon Electric, the BH55 Extra 260 Electric, the smaller BH43 Trojan Electric, and the very impressive BH 51 B-25 Mitchell (with retracts!).

They’ve also released a P-40 for Glow. This plane is a 91 size plane with a 40 size price tag. Normal price is 200.00 and for the holiday season it’s 170.00 And… That’s with retracts!

Check them all out here:

VQ has released a TON of planes as well.

The highlights:

Dago Red 46 seems to have a TON of interest., the new 60 size Hien’s are simply stunning, and the 46 size zeros have attracted a LOT of attention. But let’s not overlook it, there’s TONS of planes there. VQ has by far the widest selection of Warbirds in the market today. Scroll through the list, I think you’ll be blown away.

Ultrafly has released what I think is the most beautiful private aviation aircraft on the market, the Cirrus SR-22. Elegant yet practical. Fuselage is fiberglass and the canopy removes very easily for battery access. The wing is plug-in and easily removed for transport. The firewall as a built-in sub-firewall that places the motor in the right spot without much work and it has air inlets built in to cool the battery. This is a superior design like no other in its class.

You might check this link too:

If anyone has any questions about the products, let me know.


Scale Squadron – Why Clubs are Good for the Hobby

November 13, 2007

Scale Squadron MeetingScale Squadron LogoI was invited to speak at the Scale Squadron meeting last night.

I showed the ASM A-26 Invader, the Model Tech Super Cub, the Flit, the RDS8000 radio along with some 94162Z servos, KMS motors, Impulse Batteries (from inside my A-26) and even some Thunderbolt 4Stroke Glow Plugs. The guys at the club seemed to like the products! There was a lot of interest in all of the planes.

Through what came to mind is how we as a hobby sometimes forget how great clubs can be and how important they are to the hobby’s health. Here’s a group of guys who love aviation in all its forms, promote the hobby to the local community through all kinds of events from programs like Toys-For-Tots, to different kids groups, to schools, and share their modeling techniques and ideas. These are not selfish people. They love their hobby AND they sure want to share it with others. Beginners to experts, most clubs embrace just about anyone who wants to fly model airplanes.

Online these days I see so many people posting about how they would never join a club, don’t like rules, etc. That’s OK I guess, but remember, when you join a club, they’ve usually made those rules at the flying field to make the field safe for all members. And really, if you’re not sure you like the rules, get involved! Volunteer for the special events, get on the board, etc.

In all this babbling, what I’m trying to say is that the Hobby isn’t just airplanes. It’s clubs, social events, club meetings, fly-ins, contests, charity events, etc. It is PEOPLE. It’s a community that may have some ups and downs, but you just never know what you’ll learn, who you’ll meet, and in the end you’ll probably makes some good friends too1

Oh, and while you’re there, you might actually learn something that will make your hobby and passion for model airplanes even more enjoyable.

So, if you’re a lone-wolf flyer, that’s great, but still.. you might want to check out your local club too.

Show Update

October 24, 2007

I got home from the show LATE Sunday Night, to find half of So Cal on fire, and many of my family friends being evacuated. The good news is that they have all been able to go back to their homes. I felt good knowing everyone was safe. Of course that can’t be said for so many people who are not able to go back to their houses or don’t even know if they have a house to go back to! The devastation and loss has left me speechless. How do you console someone who lost their house and now some people have lost their lives. It’s horrible. The good news is the weather will change, the fires will slow, and then the firefighters will be able to get in front of it all. There is, of course, hope.

 In a day or two, I’ll be caught up a little at work, the heat will have decreased which will mean I can sleep well again, and once we get to that point, I will get some pics and info about what we did at the show.

 For the moment, I’d just like to say we met so many great people. From famous national champion competitors to local modelers who just love the hobby, from great friends to hobby shop owners from all over the country who work every day to bring you the items you need when you’re pursuing this great hobby, we talked to a LOT of people about all of the products we showed.

They all clearly showed us what products were hot, what products they liked or didn’t, and shared with us their latest projects.

So, please let me get up some posts and fun stuff in the next day or two and then please, if you have any comments, questions, etc. send me some comments!

 The Chicago Ihobbyexpo show this year was the best experience at this show we’ve had in a long time. A great event for me personally AND for Global/Airtronics!

 To all of your modelers, enthusiasts, and hobby shops, thank you for coming to see us! We really enjoyed talking about the hobby with you!


IHOBBYEXPO.COM (Chicago ’07)

October 16, 2007

The IHOBBYEXPO show in Chicago is this week. Some of the guys here have already left for Chicago to setup the booth. I leave tomorrow.

This is the first time we have represented Airtronics at the show and also the first time Global Hobby has exhibited at the show in several years. Frankly, it feels good to be back. I’ve been attending this show since 1989. Most of the big names in the hobby will be there.

However, what I personally most look forward to is seeing so many people. Customers, fellow modelers, and industry friends and aquaintances I normally only get to email or talk to on the phone. Modeling is as much social as it is creative, and this show is a time to be social while we all take in the creativity that is modeling. One walk around the train layouts shows just how cool modeling is in all its categories.

Anyway, I’ll bring back pictures to post here of course. We’re showing new stuff of course and I’m sure there’s tons of other cool stuff to photograph. PLEASE, if you’re in the Chicago area this weekend, come to the show, stop by the Global/Airtronics/XTM booth, say “Hi!”. I’ll be around until Sunday afternoon.

 I look forward to seeing you there.