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You’re Assistance Please, I seemed to have mis-placed the last 4 months of 2010.

December 1, 2010

I saw this on twitter and I thought, “How Appropriate”. Truly it seems like the last few months have simply vanished. My kids are bigger (Kids, my two oldest sons are now in College!) there’s new things to do, the holidays are here, and it feels like it should be JULY.

Now that Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is fast-approaching, I’m reminded of why retail in the hobby business is so much fun. New stuff shows up last-minute (it’s always fun to get new stuff, even at work), and we have SO MANY new people coming into the hobby!

We now have a complete boat line (Joysway), The U-2 Spylane has arrived including a version that is i-Bind (2.4GHz compatible with Airtronics transmitters!), a new sport park-flyer call the Dash 1M, and 3 new cars (along with a myriad of other cool stuff).  If any of these products interest you I urge you to check them out. They are great. They look great, and most importantly, they work great. Fly the U-2 and you’ll see what I’m mean. Never have I flown an EDF that’s so incredibly easy to fly!

Today I found out we’ve sold simply a TON of our new cars. I know, it’s not a plane, but one of the cars is really a dedicated entry-level truck (called the Vertex) and it’s simply flying off the shelf and everyone of them we’re told is going to a new car-hobbyist! Not exactly bad news!

A little catching up…….

What have I been doing, since I’ve neglected my poor blog? Well flying mostly (and getting ready at work for 4th quarter!). My JHH Panther is coming along although not nearly as far along as Larry’s. He’s flown his, and I’m still sanding on the wings.

Have only just started my Pacemaker. You’d think it’d be done, but there’s just been no time to build.

I DID fly our new BH Models Stuka Electric. Wow, what a great plane. Stuka’s are said to be hard to fly, this one is a pussycat. Beautiful size too. I have a 10cell 5000mAh Hobby People battery, a KMS 5331/10 motor, 80 amp Hi-Voltage ESC, and of course Airtronics all around. NEAT flying airplane.

Ok, I’m caught up, I’ve found at least the last month of 2010 and if you’re finding yourself in the same boat I am (seems like time is truly flying by), don’t miss out. Have a wonderful holiday with family, friends, and hobbies.

Happy Holidays



Fun Fun Stuff

February 26, 2010

Well, some time ago I was poking around for direction.. what to build next?

Will start a build page for each of these, but I’m now working on 3 planes (with a little help from my friends…)

1. OK Model Kit of the Irwin Ohlsson Pacemaker. An RC version of Irwin’s free-flight CA STATE CHAMP.. from 1937. This is a beautiful Cabin model.

2. Jet Hangar Hobbies Panther, EDF. Yep, jet bug bit me. I was really impressed with Larry Wolfe’s Panther. Air brakes, drooping leading edge mixed with flaps, retractable tail hook, etc. Very cool and give or take 175mph. Yep, speed and scale.. Very cool

3. BH Models ARF 46 size Ryan STA. Civilian. Pretty plane. Very refined. Covered in Oracover.

All 3 will be electric. That way I can fly them just about anywhere.

Questions? Comments? Let me know!

Great 2009 Releases. BH Models Red Lion

January 2, 2010

I was out at the Farmer’s Market today in L.A. There they have a area featuring Gilmore Red Lion Oil. They have a complete gas station setup and an interesting historical timeline on the company.

Gilmore Gas Pump at Farmer's Market

So, I thought what better time to show the BH Models Red Lion Racers. These are sport-scale ARF versions of one of the Red Lion Racer.

46 Size Gilmore


There are 2 versions.

Click here for 46 Size

Click here for the 45-50cc Size

They both have detailed fiberglass cowls, truly round fuselaged with built-in wood wing fairings, and a completed canopy with a painted pilot. They’re nice and fly great. And for those that want some Golden-Age racing, get a couple and start racing at your local club!

Here’s a link to my 46 size that is electrified with a KMS 4130 and 6S LiPo

Click Here

There’s a TON of beautiful stuff from BH Models. They are some of the absolute best ARF models we’ve EVER seen. (Tons more coming this year too!)


November 28, 2009

David Vaught Flying his BIG CUB

Everyone loves a Cub. Versatile, predictable, easy, classic.. all bundled up into 1 word – FUN

David Vaught is modeler and part-time R/C Hobby Author. He’s reviewing the BH Models Cub for an upcoming Model Airplane News Magazine review. I got this brief teaser from him today!

“Had the photo shoot today.  Awesome to say the least.  That Magnum 120 4-stroke is a beast and flew the Cub very well.  Just an all around great day of flying and photography.  I will get this submitted to the Magazine Editors ASAP.

Thanks for your support.  Happy Holidays.

If you want to check out the Cub, click HERE

Look for the review in Model Airplane News! Coming Soon!

Not Enough Time In A Day

October 21, 2009

I’m really excited about the Fly-In this weekend in Vegas, but a little dissappointed too… B17 is NOT finished. Work, responsibility, etc just got in the way! I’m Bummed. I want to fly it SO bad, but I don’t want to rush it either. Servos are in, retracts are in, surfaces are all hinged and linked, all 4 motors are in, RX battery is in. Some of the windows are glued.

Still to do:

Fit/Mount Flight Batteries

Run Servo Extensions

Install Retract Control Valve

Test Retracts

Modify Cockpit canopy assembly so that it is removable to access switch, fill valve, charge jack.

Plug Hole in Cowls where they were ground out for the Engine Installation section in the manual. We’re going electric so we don’t need those holes anymore! This requires a fair amount of work as well as paint matching and painting.

Run up motors, make final prop choices.

Install Receiver

Final complete system Check

Range Test

Test Fly

That’s more than I’m going to do in a day.

Anyway, this weekend we’ll still be flying a VAN-Load of planes…

1. Squall. We’ll have at least 2 Squalls, maybe 3 or 4. I’m bringing two: 1 with 3 cell and 1 with 4 cell with Thrust Vector. Should be fun.

2. Model Tech Super Fli Prototype. 84″ Span, 10S pack. It’s a fun, good looking, scale aircraft. And since Phil Kraft designed the Full-Scale, that makes it VERY cool. For those who haven’t seen one, it looks a little like a mono-wing Pitts.

3. Phase 3 Mini Mustang. Just like the Mini Spitfire, We’re releasing a Mini Mustang and it will be FUN to get this little guy out there. It’s fast!

4. Speaking of Fast.. We’ll be flying the Mini Mach Racer from Model Tech. Weight is 16 oz ready to fly, thrust is 16 ounces at full throttle. That’s some fun power on a little tiny plane!

5. BH Models 46 Size Gilmore Red Lion Racer. We’re running a 4120 KMS motor. Has a hatch in the bottom for battery access.

Will be flying, of course, with the SD-10G and the RDS8000. So, we’ll have radios out there to show, answer questions, etc. If you have any questions, etc. about Airtronics, drop by!  We’ll show you all the new ATX Digi’s coming out too! (Shhh it’s kinda’ a secret! Well, maybe not anymore!)

Mike B. and Mark S. will be there too in the HP Tent and they’re bringing Squalls too I think. So maybe we’ll have 4?

So, if you’re in Vegas this weekend and want to check out these planes, stop by! Bill Bennet TOC field. Sat and Sun!

See you there!


Scale Squadron

October 15, 2009

Just a quick update.. I’ve been over to the Scale Squadron meeting a couple of times, showing off new stuff from BH, ASM, Airtronics, etc.  They ALWAYS treat me well. And since they’re all scale-buff’s they always give me insight and details on the planes. It’s a great give and take! Here’s a few pics.. Notice the full size pilot with his life size radio!

Big stack o' planes

Big stack o' planes

Gus & RD 8000 2.4

Gus & RD 8000 2.4

Time to Build a New Plane – Which One? – Audience Participation Requested.

June 20, 2009

Several of the staff here have asked me to feature a plane here at the blog. Show the assembly, etc.

Rather than me picking, I thought it would be “funner” (no that is not a real word..) for everyone to get a vote.

I like all the categories and planes we sell in general, thus I’m happy to assemble whatever planes you all want to see.

Pick a plane from any of these brands and vote. Comment here, send me a message at Twitter, etc..

Thanks in advance for your input!

Click on the name to take you to the website to see the selection:

ASM – Advanced Scale Models

Model Tech ARF’s


BH Models (Black Horse)

VQ Models

Sport Flyers by Hobby People

Phase 3

Western States E-Fly

June 17, 2009

Back from Another Sortie

Back from Another Sortie

The basin may be crazy on an average Saturday, but when the club takes over for an event, and they do quite often, you know it will be good.

Their 2nd E-Fly was no exception. While the weather sucked (who would have thought there’d be RAIN in the VALLEY in JUNE!?!?!?!), the models were cool, the flying impressive, and the people clearly enthusiastic about electrics. There were over 100 pilots and hundreds of planes.

Airtronics and Hobby People had a modest booth set up in manufacturers row with a killer sale setup for attendees if they went to the store (the Encino Hobby People store is just down the street) and the SD-10G on display. We also showed off the new BH Models 120 size Trojan T-28 and the Red Lion Racer.

Mike Braun Getting Some More Flight Time with His Ultrafly ViVi

Mike Braun Getting Some More Flight Time with His Ultrafly ViVi

This OV-1 saw action over the E-Fly.

This OV-1 saw action over the E-Fly.

Click Here to see the entire Photo Album

Mike Goes Flying Western E-Fly Photo Album

THANKS to the Valley Flyers and everyone at the event for making it a great two days.

The New Hotness – BH Models Gilmore Oil “Red Lion Racer” 46 Size ARF

June 15, 2009

Some models are simply special. This is one of those models. This is the new Red Lion Racer from BH Models. This Golden Age Scale Aircraft is truly a work of art in ARF format. CHECK IT OUT…

Gilmore Low Side 800x600

1. Fiberglass Cowling with Radial engine Detail. Factory cut out and painted. Has enough airflow too so no major mods are needed.

2. Cockpit is finished. There’s a dash, a pilot, and the windshield is installed.

3. Scale wheel covers. The wheels stick out enough to be practical too.

4. Scale markings throughout. I love the tail shots. The plane simply looks awesome.

5. Installed Wing Fairings. The flairs on the side of the fuselage that blend the fuselage to the top of the wing are Built-in and properly covered. They are NOT Plastic add-ons.

6. Covering is Oracover. Scale markings are decals.

7. It may have a short nose but it properly balances with a 46 two stroke! Yep, it works with a 2 stroke.

8. We installed a 4120/05 on extensions with no problem. So going brushless is going to work out just fine.


Wingspan: 1470mm – 57.87in

Length: 1180mm – 46.46in

Weight: 2.7kg – 5.94lb

(this will vary according to power system of course)

Engine: 46-52 two stroke, 52 to 70 four stroke

Motor: 4120/05 on 4-5 cells

Radio: 4 ch (A/E/T/R)

Servos: 5 standard (or 4 if electric). 1 for each aileron – 1 for the elevator (split elev pushrod to 1 servo) – 1 for the rudder – and 1 for the throttle if flying glow.

BH Models are distributed by Global Hobby Distributors and Sold at Authorized Dealers including, of course, Hobby People (

Enjoy the Pics:

Click Here to see the entire Red Lion Racer Photo Album in High Resolution


Gilmore - Tiff 800x600

Gilmore - Cowl 800x600

It’s the Holiday Season!

December 6, 2008

OK, I’m guilty… It’s been truly FOREVER since I’ve posted anything! I appreciate everyone who’s read and commented and I hope I didn’t make anyone feel like I abandoned them or the blog here. The last couple of months are always crunch time for us at work. This year was simply busier than most.

Let’s get back to it!

Product is the name of the game here and in the last 2 months, we’ve been working EXTRA hard to get everything done and out for you. Look at the list of new stuff we’ve released in the last few months!

Phase 3 – Mini Spitfire

I like this one because it’s tiny, but in the air it still flies great. It’s an OUTDOOR airplane even though it’s small. It’s zippy and fun. And , it doesn’t come with a radio so you can just drop in a receiver from a radio you already use and you’re good to go. The Receiver from the RDS8000 fits, no problem!

I mentioned this one earlier this year, but I will again. The Mini Mach Racer came in from Model Tech.  It’s small and fast and will take a pretty wide range of small, hot motors.

The ASM Big Sukhoi arrived last week. Perfect for a Mark 1.35 or OS 140, this is a nice plane that has scale looks and flies well. I think it’s a value at 250.00 too.

For the big planes, you need big servos. The new Airtronics 94780M servo has 423 in-oz of torque, it’s a standard size servo, and it delivers that power on 6.0V (It does not require a 2 cell lipo to deliver this power). I know, our competition now makes a standard size servo that runs on a 2 cell lipo direct. But here’s what I don’t get.. It only produces 40 in-oz of torque more than the 94780M and it costs 75.00 MORE!!!! The 94780M is only 125.00 bucks, making it the most powerful servo, with the lowest price, in its class. I think everyone will be pleased with the performance. It’s impressive.

BH released a ton of new planes. For electric:

BH52 J-3 Cub Electric, the BH53 Decathlon Electric, the BH55 Extra 260 Electric, the smaller BH43 Trojan Electric, and the very impressive BH 51 B-25 Mitchell (with retracts!).

They’ve also released a P-40 for Glow. This plane is a 91 size plane with a 40 size price tag. Normal price is 200.00 and for the holiday season it’s 170.00 And… That’s with retracts!

Check them all out here:

VQ has released a TON of planes as well.

The highlights:

Dago Red 46 seems to have a TON of interest., the new 60 size Hien’s are simply stunning, and the 46 size zeros have attracted a LOT of attention. But let’s not overlook it, there’s TONS of planes there. VQ has by far the widest selection of Warbirds in the market today. Scroll through the list, I think you’ll be blown away.

Ultrafly has released what I think is the most beautiful private aviation aircraft on the market, the Cirrus SR-22. Elegant yet practical. Fuselage is fiberglass and the canopy removes very easily for battery access. The wing is plug-in and easily removed for transport. The firewall as a built-in sub-firewall that places the motor in the right spot without much work and it has air inlets built in to cool the battery. This is a superior design like no other in its class.

You might check this link too:

If anyone has any questions about the products, let me know.