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Squall Yet another HOT release of 2009

January 7, 2010

Squall Great Flying EDF


This Jet is SO much fun. First, it’s fast. With the 4 cell setup it really scoots. For me, however, what really makes it fun is the Vectored Thrust setup. Have full 3 axis control which in a nose-high attitude with zero ground speed! Yes. This thrust vector setup is good clean fun. Flat spins are just amazing.

Thrust Vector Unit - For Squall and EF-16


And in case you wanted to roll 3-4 times a second, no problem, it does that too. Very cool

Because the Squall is lightweight it’s easy to launch. It doesn’t require any kind of launcher. One other great thing.. the Vectored Thrust system will fit on an EF-16 too!


Western States E-Fly

June 17, 2009

Back from Another Sortie

Back from Another Sortie

The basin may be crazy on an average Saturday, but when the club takes over for an event, and they do quite often, you know it will be good.

Their 2nd E-Fly was no exception. While the weather sucked (who would have thought there’d be RAIN in the VALLEY in JUNE!?!?!?!), the models were cool, the flying impressive, and the people clearly enthusiastic about electrics. There were over 100 pilots and hundreds of planes.

Airtronics and Hobby People had a modest booth set up in manufacturers row with a killer sale setup for attendees if they went to the store (the Encino Hobby People store is just down the street) and the SD-10G on display. We also showed off the new BH Models 120 size Trojan T-28 and the Red Lion Racer.

Mike Braun Getting Some More Flight Time with His Ultrafly ViVi

Mike Braun Getting Some More Flight Time with His Ultrafly ViVi

This OV-1 saw action over the E-Fly.

This OV-1 saw action over the E-Fly.

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Mike Goes Flying Western E-Fly Photo Album

THANKS to the Valley Flyers and everyone at the event for making it a great two days.