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Merry Christmas, Happy New Year

December 24, 2009

We’ve spent the last year working hard to bring you more new products that are truly leaders in their category. From entry level Heli’s to beautiful 40 size ARF airplanes, our partners have supplied Hobby People and Global Hobby Distributors with amazing product. Airtronics, VQ Models, BH Models, EF Heli, XTM, Magnum, Phase 3, Pro Peak, etc. all have given us products that are innovative, high quality, and at a great value (truly more fun for less money, just like our latest ads have stated).

The products have clearly inspired you all (judging by how much we’re now sold out of!!!) Thank you for reading the blog and shopping with Hobby People, Global Dealers, and Airtronics. It is your support that truly made my holiday season. Your positive response to all of our new products has been tremendous. The SD-10G continues to be a HUGE hit, the new helis, the new BH Aircraft, etc all simply sold AMAZING well. We truly hope we’ve made the hobby more enjoyable for you and that you continue to enjoy it in 2010.

Build, Fly, and Have Fun! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Everyone!

Happy Landings

Mike Greenshields


RCX – I hope we see you there

April 17, 2008

Here’s my last shameless plug for RCX before the weekend.

We’ve got a ton of good stuff we’re showing. And, RCX is doing a lot of stuff too. Here’s their latest announcement!

I we see you there!


RCX 2008
Check out the Action Live at!

We are proud to announce that we will be providing live, streaming coverage directly from RCX, the ultimate RC expo. Starting Saturday morning, click on for exciting, live video. You can also check out special RCNet videos directly from the show and see all the hot products on our forums. RCX will also be live on KTLA out of LA! And in addition to dozens of RC manufacturers showcasing their hot new products (many seen here for the first time), you can check out these cool special RCX events:

Sizzling Supercross Race. This is action! Watch the world’s top pro racers compete in hardcore, fast-paced races for cash prizes.

RCP Crawlers Rock Crawling Challenge. See an actual rock crunching, chassis breaking rock crawling competition in action.

Best of the West Micro Heli Showdown. Check out talented micro heli pilots as they vie for a $1,000 first place prize.

Battle of the Builders Static Display Contest. See builders show off their amazing RC aircraft building skills.

RCP West Coast Micro Challenge Race. You’ll be amazed as pros go head to head with 1/24-scale race machines around a tight, action-packed road course.

HPI/HB Drift Challenge. Check out sick drift demos and awesome side-by-side battles.

MHRA Drag Racing. Blink and you’ll miss it. Watch the world’s fastest RC drag racers ripping up the tarmac on a 1/10-scale drag strip.

NATC 1/5-scale Championship Race. See the biggest of the big in RC do battle on an outdoor, high-speed racetrack.

Southwest Armor Group. These are not your everyday RC. Check out 1/6-scale RC tanks fir for battle.

Remember to check out everyday for news, product information updates, forums, video and much more!

RCX – You GOTTA get there!

April 15, 2008

OK, we’re in the final preparation for RCX ( and I thought I’d share what we’ll be doing (of course in an effort to attract you to come!!! Obviously!!!) I am excited about the show and hope some of you can make it!

“Pomona Fairplex is going to be jammed with excitement, crowds, and fun on April 19th and 20th 2008.” (taken from the website)

Here’s the deal Sparky… there’s TONS of new and interesting stuff from us!!!

1. Global is now the agent for Ultrafly and we’ll be showing the Ultrafly line AND the NEW SPEAR EDF in the Ultrafly booth. These models are beautiful, the new BL motors Ultrafly has really make them scoot, and we’ve negotiated much better pricing on the models.

2. The Prototype Airtronics 10CH will be there under my careful watch! Not publicly, but if you find me and ask, I will show it to you. No pictures please! That will be in the Airtronics booth (The Airtronics booth will be in the Car side of the show and we will show ATX also in the Global booth on the airplane side, but the radio will be locked up in the Airtronics booth)

3. Z-Car from SH Engines. Global is now the exclusive agent for all of the new SH products including their new 1/8th buggy, the Z-Car (it’s got some long winded name, but that’s it…) Greg Degani, World Champ AND Z-Car driver/co-designer will be on-hand to answer your questions in the Z-Car/SH Booth.

4. We’re showing the new VQ stuff including the new Hein, Pilatus Porter, and Cap 10 120size.

5. Hobby People will be teasing some new BH Models AND they will have tons of everything in stock! The store is huge! Gigantic even! And it will be filled with deals and stuff from as many exhibitors as we could get. It will be special…

6. We’ll be showing the ASM A-26 And the NEW Sukhoi SU-26 140 size ARF. It’s very nice….

7. XTM will be showing the new XST and will have live demonstrations of it. The Paint scheme is HOT. XTM will also show the Rage and all the new Hopups coming for it! They look great too! Makes that little sport car a HOT racer! Yes, I’m biased, but so what?!?!? The car is GREAT and these new parts are perfect for everyone stuffing bl motors in it and making it do 55mph.

XTM is showing another all-new, never seen before product in a new category for us!!!! It’s awesome. (again, I’m biased, but I think I’m right!) You have to come to the show to see it!!!

8. Flying Demos: Eric, our new Cypher/ATX pilot will be showing off the Cypher on the indoor field. And for those with some preparation/training, they might even have their chance to put the heli up with the trainer cable! I will be flying a MASH and a new Prototype Indoor/outdoor slow flyer from SportFlyers by Hobby People. It’s only a prototype, but it fles great. I will try to have the buddy box ready for that little guy too. It’s called the Wingsail.

9. Try-Me-Track! Want to give RC Cars a go? Want to let the kids play a little? Everyone can drive an RC CAR! Yes, it’s FREE…

10. We will be showing the new Model Tech planes including the Mini Mach Racer and the Super Cub. There’s a lot of interest in that Cub already and the Mini Mach Racer I’ve posted about here. Now you can see it in person.

Craig and I will both be there. Want to talk to us in person? Stop by!!!

So there you have it. 10 reasons to come to RCX and they don’t even involve any other brands! Think of all the other great stuff you’ll see at the show?!?!?!


VQ Models A-26 ARF

April 11, 2008

I thought I’d share…. Here’s some pics of Matt Stein’s VQ A-26 on some early test flights (notice the cowls are still off while the engines break in). Matt is part of the management staff in the Hobby People store in Murrieta and part of the club leadership at the club meeting I went to last month. Nice guy! And, in Korea, he flew the A-26 Invader (well, I know.. in Korea, the nomenclature was changed to B-26 after the retirement of the Maurader.. but let’s not get caught up in that whole “thing”… :A-26 over the fenceCross wing gusting flare!Touchdown!)

Matt’s Update:

I am using two Magnum XLS 46 2-stroke engines, two 3-blade 9×7 Master
Airscrew props and am burning 15% glow fuel.

I am using the fixed landing gear  supplied with the kit and my radio gear
is as follows: Transmitter is a Hitec Eclipse 7 with Spectra module, Hitec
Supreme IIS receiver, Hitec 635HB servos for the ailerons, elevator, and
throttles, and  a Hitec 645MG servo for the rudder/nose wheel steering.

As for flying tips, I really don’t have enough flying time yet to get too
detailed. The plane tracks straight down the runway with very little rudder
correction, lifts off at approximately half throttle and climbs out with
authority. It shows a slight tendency to drop the nose on right and left
hand turns. It looks awesome in low passes and responds to control inputs
like a trainer. Landing is just a matter of lining up with the runway and
setting up a smooth rate of decent. It is a war bird and does require some
power on the final approach, and roll-out is smooth with a slight tendency
to keep the nose up until a lot of speed is bled off.

I have not yet had it do any loops, rolls, split-s, inverted, or high speed,
full throttle low pass strafing runs. However, I hope to do all that during
the next several weeks.

Once I stopped shaking and realized that I was airborne (the VQ A-26 is my
first twin engine airplane), she flew just as nice and easy as any other war
bird I’ve flown. It’s definitely not a trainer, but anyone that has flown a
war bird before (intermediate to expert pilot) can easily fly and enjoy the

As I get more flying time in, I’ll be glad to update you. I can sum up my
flying experience so far in three little words: “It’s a Keeper!!”


April 8, 2008

Just got back. My coverage of the Toledo show is NOT very good. Why? I NEVER LEFT the BOOTH!!! We were so swamped at the Airtronics and Global booth that there simply was NO TIME to walk the show!

So, what was new in our neck of the woods?

1. RDS8000. EVERYONE wanted to see it it seems. And since our dealer there, Peak Electronics, sold out, I guess that means they wanted it too.

2. We selectively showed the prototype of the new Airtronics 10 channel. Due probably Jan 2009 (well before the next Toledo show), we had a transmitter there getting feedback on ergonomics and features. I can’t show it because it will be heavily modified from its current prototype state before release.

While we did this, Sanwa also flew in the radio programmer and he interviewed top glider, helicopter, and aerobatic pilots to get their views on the programming needs of pilots who will use this new radio. YES, we’re putting YOU and our Engineers TOGETHER to make sure we’re making stuff you actually want! I can tell them but it is sure more powerful if we have them talk to the pilots directly.Miss Ohio at the Airtronics Booth

3. New Digital Airtronics Servos. (and for you dealers, they’re in better packaging too). These are high performance standard case size servos. UP to 200 oz/in is in and we’re about to go into production on the 350 oz/in variety.

4. Global is now the exclusive agent for Ultrafly Models. I’ll have pics of the new plane and information soon (about a week probably). But they’re great looking and great quality and I think they’ll be well-received.

It was a fantastic show!

Oh, and THANKS to everyone who came to my 2.4GHz symposium! I was really nervous about it but everyone was very nice and the questions were all outstanding! There sure were a lot of people there!

More soon!


Stuff Going ON!!!

February 25, 2008

Wow, It seems like the last month has BLOWN By!!!!

 Thanks to everyone who visited, I hope they found some informative stuff!!!

 Since AMA, we’ve visited Nuremberg Germany and exhibited Airtronics at the WRAM show in NY (Thanks to Craig Kaplan for working that show SOLO!)

We’ve also sold through our first shipment of RDS8000 radios and are preparing our 2nd shipment (hopefully this week which will catch up most backorders). We’ve also sold through our first shipment of Cypher Helicopters (look for reviews on this coming up in RC Heli, Backyard Flyer, RC Helicopter, and Rotary). More will be along late next month.

On the car side of things, Craig and XTM released the RAGE truck. It’s a little 1/18th EP truck that is affordable, fun, and so far it’s been really popular.

All of these new releases combined with so much travel have really been keeping us busy. But I must take a minute just to publicly thank all of the staff and my co-workers at Global. Over the last month, along with all of this travel, over 50% of our staff have been out sick! From IT, to CS, to Airtronics Service, to Global Reps, Mail Order, Art Dept, R&D, etc… Everyone is SICK!!! It’s terrible. This cold seems to have swept the country and those who got this cold are really suffering. So, if there’s anyone sick at your work or in your family, give them support! They are sick and it SUCKS……

Anyway, our staff here have all been working double duty just to keep things afloat and while I’m sure over the next 2 weeks everyone will feel better and get back to work and then get caught up, we’re really struggling and I’m so glad we have the great and dedicated staff we do! So thank you to each and every person at Hobby Shack, Global, Hobby People, Airtronics, and Global Services for working your tails off!!!

Thank you to everyone!!!

Mike Greenshields

Global and Airtronics at AMA

February 1, 2008

MTARF Super Cub GenII EP or GlowXTM_RAGEBoothJeff FassbinderJack Mike And CraigCraig and BruceEFHeli_CypherA couple of weeks have gone by. Happy February! 1/12 of 2008 is already over. Wow time is blowing by so fast!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and visited us at the AMA Convention. It was a pleasure to talk to all of you. I’m simply amazed at the positive comments and genuine excitement I saw in people about the Hobby! The line to get in Friday morning stretched all the way out into the parking lot! IMPRESSIVE!

The star of the show, in our humble opinion, was the RDS8000. The radio was demonstrated at the show in Jeff Fassbinder’s helicopter. He debuted a new version of the Thunder Tiger electric heli and a production RDS8000! All went well and he was pleased with the result. Last October, Jeff was the first person in the USA to fly the RDS8000 prototype in a helicopter. He tested it in his Raptor 90 competition heli with all positive results.  Today, we’ve released the RDS8000 and are simply overwhelmed by the demand for the radio. We know it works great, but we’re thankful there are so many of you out there ready to fly Airtronics with us!

 In the pictures of the booth, you’ll see Jack Albrecht, Craig Kaplan, and me together. This was our first chance to meet and work together face-to-face. Jack is an amazing figure in the hobby industry. He cares about Airtronics pilots’ success, about the hobby in general, and acts on those concerns locally by participating in his local club and nationally by working with the AMA. He’s a true leader in the industry and frankly we’re proud to know him and to be able to work with him here at Global. I just can’t say enough about his positive impact on us and the hobby in general.

Our modest little booth was designed and setup by Craig Kaplan. The lightup Airtronics sign Craig literally built by hand. Pretty impressive display I think!

There were lots of cool new stuff from Global in the Booth too. The ASM A26 (now being flown regularly by Larry Wolf at Jet Hangar Hobbies), the Phase 3 Flit, the Model Tech Super Cub, and really all the planes received a lot of attention. We even showed a car or two. The new little RAGE from XTM was amazing popular.  A lot of airplane guys even showed interest in this little 1/18th truck!

We saw HUGE interest in our new Heli, the Cypher from EF Helicopters. This heli is a unique design in the 400 class. The head speed is 3000 rpm, the head has metal parts, the tail is slop free and solid, and the entire heli is simply well-built. It’s a true out-of-the-box 3D performer. Am I biased? YEP. Is it great? YEP. The pilots we asked to fly prototypes and give us feedback all say the same thing. NOTHING comes out of the box this good for 230 bucks especially with an esc and motor that were setup for this heli!

The show was simply fantastic and worthwhile for every modeler who attended. I hope next year to see even more of you there!


Reasons why I Like Sanwa/Airtronics….

December 29, 2007

1. When we tested the first RDS8000 2.4GHz test sample, their Executive Director and Senior Engineer were there, in person, in So CA, to work with me testing that radio.

2. They didn’t come until they had tested it themselves repeatedly.

3. When we found ways to improve it, they did it….here’s some examples…

longer range

programmable failsafe

trainer system compatible with vG and RD radios of the non 2.4GHz type

4. They gave us MORE samples to test all over the country. When we found ways to improve it, they researched it, executed the improvements, and airshipped revised samples directly to our pilots.

5. Even though they were still on a deadline to get the radio produced, they delayed production for more testing when I just had a “concern”.

6. Their entire R&D staff put in extra hours to work to get the radio done.

7. They made it for a price that makes it a value. It’s not some overpriced piece of work. It’s got an aggressive price to make sure it’s competitive.

8. They didn’t get greedy on the Receiver but instead made it the most affordable 8 Channel 2.4GHz receiver on the market at 79.99 typical street price. They did this, in part, because our test pilots told them how important receiver pricing is.

9. They added a range test feature not in the original design simply because our pilots asked for it. There was no “I’m an engineer and I know more than a modeler” b.s., there was ONLY “Let’s make it right for the modeler on this first radio as best we can.”

Is the RDS8000 perfect in all ways.. of course not… NO Product is….  There are always improvements to be made when you’re striving for perfection… Is it a great value and a super first step into 2.4GHz for Airtronics? Absolutely. The radio looks great, works great, feels great, and will serve Airtronics pilots well.

10. This is the most important….. THEY CARE.

So, you may not buy an RDS8000 (too bad if you don’t, you’re missing out on a great, easy to use, sport radio!) but just know when you’re considering your next radio purchase or radio accessory purchase that Airtronics and Sanwa engineers care, they listen, and they’re dedicated to making great products.

 Having the RDS8000 finish it’s first production run on Christmas was an awesome Christmas gift for all of us at Global. We’re looking forward to this product and to many new radios, servos, and accessories from Airtronics in 2008!

Went test flying Monday

December 5, 2007

Sea VixenPhase 3 P-40Mossie Rear ViewMossie Side viewOne of my job duties that really makes my job not a job is test flying. Monday Russ and I went over to Fairview Park to do a little test flying.

The highlight of the trip was test flying a prototype of the new BH Models twin electric DeHaviland Mosquito. What a cool plane!

Power is a 4 cell (4s1P) 3200mAH (EDIT: I originall stated 40000 mAH…obviously that was wrong! Thanks Farrell!)  y-d to two Casle Creations Thunderbird 36 Amp ESC’s and two 2814 KMS motors. We’re running 9×4 props which only pulls about 36 amps total static (18 amps per motor). These motors are rated to 25 amps continuous with no problem so we’re well under the max power we could put through the system.

With that power system the plane takes off in 20-30 feet, flies along at a very good clip, can pull vertical for a little bit to make a very nice wing-over, stall turn, and square loop. Not exactly scale aerobatics since the Mossie was really a bomber, but wow very very cool.

These new BH Models are simply top-notch. The wing is 2 piece with an aluminum tube joiner, the canopy comes off with two thumb screws, and the nose is the hatch for the battery and this is held on with two self-locating magnets making battery access SUPER EASY.

 The cowls are all factory-fit, the canopy/tophatch has the window installed and detailed, and inside sits two factory painted pilots.

 Another cool feature is that the firewall bulkheads are moveable. This way the modeller can change the dept of the firewall to accomodate different length motors and mounts.

We also flew two new Foamies. One is a Ready – t0 – Fly from WattAge called the Sea Vixen. The full scale Sea Vixen was a English twin boom jet. Our foamie is kinda’ stand-off scale, but it looks nice. Instead of a jet, ours uses a little pusher motor. The power system is a 3 cell lipo on a brushless motor which provides PLENTY of performance. This plane has a nice presence in the air, and since the whole thing bolts together, it’s quick and easy to assemble. Truly a RTF worthy of the name.

The final airplane we flew is a new model from Phase 3. It’s a Radio-Ready P-40. This model will be factory assembled with the brushless motor, 3 cell battery, servos, etc.. but will not come with a radio.

This foamie has a unique feature in a Factory-build plane… It has a retractable landing gear! And it’s all factory assembled so you don’t have to go through the hassle of hooking up all that linkage! (I hate retract linkage!!!)

 Anyway, it was a great day of flying, makes me thankful I have such a cool job! (Yes I’m bragging).

Developing New Products – Installment 1

November 26, 2007

I get a lot of questions about what we do when we bring in a new proprietary item. Here at Global, we essentially have 3 types of “proprietary” products.

For this first installment, we’ll talk about what I call an “Agency”. In this example we are simply the importer and service center for the item. What this means is the product is represented by us, but we did not participate in the development. A lot like domestic buying, we can inform the company about our customers and what they request but we really can’t affect the factory very much. The good news is these products are quick to market because they’ve already been flown or used by their agents throughout the world. (Sort of like a Chevy Dealership.. they don’t really get to tell GM what to make, but then again, they don’t have to spend any time on development, that’s GM’s job). Agencies come and go according to how well that company responds to customer’s demand.

One company that has so far turned out to be a tremendous “agency” for us is Vinh Quang RC Models (formerly VQ). Vinh Quang Models is a line of very nice sport ARF’s that range in size from very small and affordable electrics on up to some nice twins. However, they are most famous for their 40 and 60 size warbirds (which can today be flown electric or glow).

 Vinh Quang models are made by the Vinh Quang family in Viet Nam. They are a very small family run company. As most companies in Viet Nam, they are very resourceful because almost NOTHING is easily available there. In the USA, we just pick up a Source Book and “blam” we can get anything we want. In Viet Nam sourcing of every single material and part is difficult to almost impossible. There’s hard work in every metal clevis, nut, bolt and wheel in each of those planes.

 But that’s not what makes them cool. What makes them cool is that each one has a printed surface with tons of detail from weathering to panel lines. There are even painted pilots included which really makes the model have that “finished” look. Inside, you’ll find fiberglass cowls, all high-quality laser cut wood airframes, and even some good hardware like metal clevises. In all, they are nice kits that look good in the air.

 The other great thing about VQ is that they are not afraid to try different models. They have enough agents throughout the world that they can take risks, knowing that at least one agent in one country somewhere will buy enough planes to make the effort worthwhile. So, you see the line not only has Me-109’s and Mustang P-51D’s, but also B model Mustangs, Hawker Hurricanes, and coming soon Heinkels and Focke Wulfs.

The only downside to this line is that the directions are a little sparse. But since they are intended for more experienced modelers for the most part, the sparse directions are “ok”. In the future, we’ll be trying to work with them to make the directions more complete.

This brings us to Installment 2 I’ll post soon, the “partial” Agency where even though we’re technically an “agent”, we’re so much more ACTIVE!!!

Along the way, if you have any questions, please let me know!

 Mike Greenshields