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It’s Sept 12? Really? Already????

September 13, 2008

Where did the last 3 weeks go? I mean really?!?!?!?! One minute we’re enjoying the summer vacation with the kids, the next thing I know I’ve got a kid in college, a junior in high school, and my “baby girl” is almost as tall as me (that’s not saying much I suppose) and now in MIDDLE SCHOOL! What the heck?!!!!

So, why does that matter? Because I think like a lot of people in modeling, I have kids and wow did the start of school get in the way of modeling.

Work’s no better. We have Chicago show in a MONTH! ( and I think we spent the last 2 weeks getting Airtronics service parts ready for inventory.

So I was asking myself, what’s the good news in all of this? The good news is that in this hobby you can pick up right where you left off. Just because I haven’t flown a plane in awhile doesn’t mean I can’t. Good thing because I’ve got about 6 prototypes to go fly. The Ultrafly SR-22, the Big Super Fli, a little profile indoor foamy, a little foamy trainer rtf (yet to be named), and waiting in the wings is a new helicopter. Sheesh this stuff piled up quick.

I got to tell you there’s a ton of new stuff coming from Magnum, Ultrafly, Airtronics, ASM, etc… If you can make it to the ihobbyexpo show next month, stop by the Global Hobby booth and let us show you all the new stuff coming! There’s a LOT of great airplanes and equipment coming.

OK, I’ve whined enough. Let’s hope the rest of Sept is a little slower-paced than it has so far so that we all get a chance to get some flying and building in!



RCX – I hope we see you there

April 17, 2008

Here’s my last shameless plug for RCX before the weekend.

We’ve got a ton of good stuff we’re showing. And, RCX is doing a lot of stuff too. Here’s their latest announcement!

I we see you there!


RCX 2008
Check out the Action Live at!

We are proud to announce that we will be providing live, streaming coverage directly from RCX, the ultimate RC expo. Starting Saturday morning, click on for exciting, live video. You can also check out special RCNet videos directly from the show and see all the hot products on our forums. RCX will also be live on KTLA out of LA! And in addition to dozens of RC manufacturers showcasing their hot new products (many seen here for the first time), you can check out these cool special RCX events:

Sizzling Supercross Race. This is action! Watch the world’s top pro racers compete in hardcore, fast-paced races for cash prizes.

RCP Crawlers Rock Crawling Challenge. See an actual rock crunching, chassis breaking rock crawling competition in action.

Best of the West Micro Heli Showdown. Check out talented micro heli pilots as they vie for a $1,000 first place prize.

Battle of the Builders Static Display Contest. See builders show off their amazing RC aircraft building skills.

RCP West Coast Micro Challenge Race. You’ll be amazed as pros go head to head with 1/24-scale race machines around a tight, action-packed road course.

HPI/HB Drift Challenge. Check out sick drift demos and awesome side-by-side battles.

MHRA Drag Racing. Blink and you’ll miss it. Watch the world’s fastest RC drag racers ripping up the tarmac on a 1/10-scale drag strip.

NATC 1/5-scale Championship Race. See the biggest of the big in RC do battle on an outdoor, high-speed racetrack.

Southwest Armor Group. These are not your everyday RC. Check out 1/6-scale RC tanks fir for battle.

Remember to check out everyday for news, product information updates, forums, video and much more!

AMA Convention 2008

January 10, 2008

AMA Convention is this weekend. The medical board is …. oh wait, that’s Modelers, not Medical…

Airtronics and Hobby Shack and Global will have booths showing some new products. If you all get to attend, stop in and say Hi at the Airtronics booth. I’ll be in and out all weekend at the show.

Get details at the AMA site.

 Have a Great Weekend. Happy Landings


IHOBBYEXPO.COM (Chicago ’07)

October 16, 2007

The IHOBBYEXPO show in Chicago is this week. Some of the guys here have already left for Chicago to setup the booth. I leave tomorrow.

This is the first time we have represented Airtronics at the show and also the first time Global Hobby has exhibited at the show in several years. Frankly, it feels good to be back. I’ve been attending this show since 1989. Most of the big names in the hobby will be there.

However, what I personally most look forward to is seeing so many people. Customers, fellow modelers, and industry friends and aquaintances I normally only get to email or talk to on the phone. Modeling is as much social as it is creative, and this show is a time to be social while we all take in the creativity that is modeling. One walk around the train layouts shows just how cool modeling is in all its categories.

Anyway, I’ll bring back pictures to post here of course. We’re showing new stuff of course and I’m sure there’s tons of other cool stuff to photograph. PLEASE, if you’re in the Chicago area this weekend, come to the show, stop by the Global/Airtronics/XTM booth, say “Hi!”. I’ll be around until Sunday afternoon.

 I look forward to seeing you there.