N-Tech Jets Panther – 72″ Wingspan

N-Tech Jets Panther F9F


This is a new Jet. We expect them in stock in 2-3 weeks.  See specs and info below. This is some rough information about this very nice, great flying high performance EDF.  It includes the retracts, air system, and struts. Power system and radio are required, sold separately of course.

N-Tech Jets

Panther F9F


Item No 190150

Mfg No. NTJ-01


Wingspan: 1829mm – 72in

Length: 1800mm – 70.85in

Flying Weight: – 18-21 lb

Fan Size: 120mm

Power System: 12S

Functions: A/E/T/R/F/G

Optional Brakes


Features List:

Wood Wing and Stabilizer Construction

Molded Fuselage with Wood Structure (ABS Skins with Plywood and Carbon structure)

Factory Covered Flying Surfaces and Painted Fuselage

Complete Hardware Pack

Removable Wings

Functional Nose Gear Doors

Basic Molded Cockpit

Mounting and Ducting Optimized for Electric Power


Recommended Items:

9-10 Channel Computer Radio (We used the SD-10G)

8 Servos

120mm Fan

EDF Motor

12S Li-Po Battery (5000 to 6000 mAh)

160amp ESC

Air Pump for Retracts


Big High Performance Electric Jet


Step up from foam and micro jets! Experience high performance electric jet performance with a model that is big, forgiving and fast. The Panther has exceptional qualities in flight, is stable on approach, and is not pitch sensitive with extended flaps. At speeds of over 120mph, the Panther is fast and fun with a performance envelope almost any experienced R/C pilot will enjoy. Good looking and great flying, the N-Tech Jets Panther is a stunning aircraft that is a joy to fly.


Pictures for Box:

Main 3/4 shot

Smaller Detail Shots:

1. Flaps

2. Canopy

3. Retracts


Next info is for instructions:


Items Used to Complete our Panther



We recommend an 8-10 channel radio for convenience although technically the Panther only has 6 functions: Ailerons, Rudder, Elevator, Flaps, Throttle, and Retracts.


Qty 7 94851 Metal Gear Servos (or similar)

Qty 1 94722 Standard Servo (or similar)

qty 2 750mm Extensions (for tail servos)

qty 4 500mm Extensions (from wing joint to receiver)

qty 2 300mm Extensions (from Ail servos to wing joint)

qty 1 100mm Extension (from steering servo to receiver)

(If your radio is only 6-8 channel, you’ll need QTY 3 Y-harnesses for the Aileron and Flaps and Steering/rudder servos).

Servo Lead retainers (Heat shrink, molded clips, whatever is your preference

Receiver Battery: We recommend either a 5 cell Ni-MH pack of 1600 or more mAh rating, or a Li-FE 6.6v receiver battery with 1600mAh or more rating.


Power System:

-120mm Fan

-12S Motor

(We used the Neu Motor for the E-Turbax fan although other motor/fan systems of this size and rating will work)

-Castle 160HV (The power system does not draw this much current but EDF systems tend to be very demanding of the ESC, thus we use an ESC rated a little higher than necessary)

-12S 5000 to 6500mAh LiPO packs, minimum 40C rating (The airplane is setup for using two separate 6S packs sometimes called Saddle Packs)

-6mm Gold Connectors or similar (Castle 6.5mm connectors for example)

-Mounting Screws for the Fan Unit (different fans may have different requirements, we used #4 x 3/4 Dubro Socket Head Wood Screws for mounting the E-Turbax Fan)


Other Items:

-The fuselage can be broken down into two parts, so we installed air-line connectors at the fuselage break, it required 3. Robart, Jet Hangar Hobbies, or other similar air-line connectors will work.

-Glues: We used Wood Glue, Epoxy, and C/A (instant glue)

-Threadlock, (blue or semi-permanent, do NOT use “red” or permanent thread lock)

-Tape: Gaffer’s Tape or bi-directional Packing Tape will work. This is to seal off the air between duct joints and around the motor wires where they exit the exhaust air duct.

-Basic tools (file, wire cutter, pliers, hobby knife, various metric hex-drivers, small drill bits, drill, etc)

-Paint to detail the cockpit (Optional)

-Small amont of fiberglass cloth (3/4 to 1 oz weight)


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10 Responses to “N-Tech Jets Panther – 72″ Wingspan”

  1. Roger Says:

    Panther looks great! Does the fuselage actually break down into 2 parts for transport?

    Loyal Airtronics flyer,


    • mikegoesflying Says:

      The Panther fuselage is in 2 parts. And by using 3 air-disconnects and a servo extension to that point for the nose gear servo, the fuselage comes apart with 3 bolts and 3 aluminum spars

  2. Charles S. Sylvia Says:

    I would like to know the availability of this F-9F Panther Jet and from whom?.

    • mikegoesflying Says:


      Should be here within the next 10 days at Hobby People. Several Global Dealers including Graves have reserved some for their stock as well. That AND the Mig 15 that’s coming with it.

      Both versions include the retractable landing gear set with struts and air-comtrol set.

      I flew the one in the picture again a couple of times today for a photo shoot for Model Airplane News. It is an absolute blast to fly.

      Also, note that we have in-stock the 120mm fan and Steve Neu motor I am flying it with.

  3. Charles S. Sylvia Says:

    Hi Mike, thanks for the responce. I am singned up with Hobby People to get the first F-9F available.

    Also would like to have more information on the 120 mm fan and NUE motor.
    AMA 16137

    • mikegoesflying Says:

      The Jet Hangar Hobbies fan, E-Turbax, and the custom Steve Neu motor made for that fan will be in stock at Hobby People and they also will be available through Jet Hangar of course. You might look through Jet Hangar’s website for more info about the fan.

      My personal experience with the fan/motor combo is very positive. It gets the jet up to flying speed very quickly (on asphault, the takeoff run is very quick) and has a solid climb. I am flyng it on 12 cells and a Castle 160HV Ice2 ESC. Flies great with this combo. I set my timer to 4 minutes and land when the timer goes off. So, after landing I’m into the 5 minute range and according to the charger I still have run time to spare (which is good in case you need to wait for the runway to clear, etc)

      I know there are probably faster fan/motor combos out there, but from what I’ve seen they are vastly more expensive. This fan unit is rock-solid reliable, flies the Panther with authority, and is a proven setup.

      I hope this helps!


      • Charles S. SYlvia Says:

        Thanks Mike, I have looked at that set up at Jet Hanger and I feel it is all I need. With your positive input on it, makes it a done deal for me. Yes I looked at a couple of othere 12S set ups and the $ signs were up there. So I am good and just waiting for Hobby People to tell me that they are in staock.

      • Charles S. SYlvia Says:

        What retracts are used in the plane?
        Are the wheels big enough to add Robart brakes to them?

        Since this is a pretty big and heavy plane and I fly from a short runway I feel brakes are needed for me.


  4. chardesa Says:

    What is the outside diamiter of the EDF ?

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