Panther Maiden Voyage

John Reid from Model Airplane News posted coverage of my N-Tech Jets Panther maiden voyage.

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3 Responses to “Panther Maiden Voyage”

  1. Charles S. SYlvia Says:

    Hi Mike,
    FEI BAO Jets in China is the maker of the Panther as well as the Mig 15 along with many others.
    My question is what changes have been made for the EDF conversion?
    Are the Wheels and brakes from them as well as the cockpit?

    • mikegoesflying Says:

      NT-Jets are not FEI BAO. I have worked with the factory owner who is making N-Tech Jets for a long time. They have nothing to do with FEI BAO. N-Tech Jets does have an Air Brake kit for the Panther. The wheels are machined aluminum and the axle is made for the stock strut. They bolt onto the included stock strut.

      The Panther has battery mounting plates (3 positions to handled different sizes and weight batteries) and includes a plastic sheet to make the exhaust tube. It’s not pre-made because different fan makers recommend different exhaust hole exit diameters and each shroud is a slightly different diameter. There is a simple molded plastic cockpit that comes with the airplanes.

  2. chardesa Says:

    Hi Mike,
    What an asmazing look-a-like. All the same markings and colors except the nose #.

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