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Panther Maiden Voyage

November 29, 2011

John Reid from Model Airplane News posted coverage of my N-Tech Jets Panther maiden voyage.

Click Here!


OCMA Fun Fly This Weekend – Canceled :(

November 7, 2011

BUMMER: It’s canceled due to the expected huge storm coming through this weekend 😦

Hello Everyone,

The weather forecast for this weekend is not looking good unless you’re a duck. So we’ve postponed the OCMA Fun Fly and BBQ. We will be rescheduling this event at the next BOD meeting with a target for early next year and will notify everyone in plenty of time.

Tim Cardin
OCMA – President


If you’re looking for a fun flying event this weekend and you’re near Orange County, check this out! (And if you want to attend, Please RSVP so they can plan for your lunch!!!)


                  OCMA SPECIAL EVENT AT

                          NOV 12th
2011 7:00AM TO 1:00PM



Team Airtronics pilots will be there flying the new BH FW190 as well as the new prototype Zlin 50 (powered with the Mark Engines Gas 140). Larry Wolfe from Jet Hangar will be flying our B17G from ASM and, if all goes well, I’ll have the new N-Tech Jets Panther on display (and maybe flying, we’ll see how it goes).

This is a fun event and this year’s BBQ will be AWESOME!

I hope to see everyone there!


Facebook Giveaway

November 5, 2011

Matt and Paul wanted more people “liking” our Facebook page. Can’t blame them, Facebook is popular and interesting. My entire family uses it.

So, to “motivate” people to check it out, they’re having a sweepstakes. It’s operated by an custom Facebook app that tracks entries and even randomly picks winners.

To enter, you have to have a Facebook account and email.

Check it out!

Hobby People Facebook


New Models from VQ Models and BH Expected End of October

October 2, 2011

The wait is almost over. From Twin “Shrikes” to an Agwagon, BH and VQ are releasing some cool models. We’ll post the details as soon as they arrive.

Upcoming B17G is a winner already!

May 23, 2010

ASM B17G Shoo Shoo Shoo Baby

The new ASM 120″ B17G took “best detailed ARF” and took a prize for best Multi-Engine aircraft at the 1/8th Airforce Event in AZ.

B-17G Coverage at Model Airplane News. Click Here

This new model will be available Late Summer along with a 120″ Lancaster too. Click Here

This just in… We’re testing optional bombay doors for the B17G that customers may be able to install after-market! Need to drop stuff? Check this out!

UP-DATE – Flown by Larry Wolfe of Jet Hangar Hobbies (an official Airtronics and ASM dealer), the B-17G took two more awards this weekend at the Jerry Ortego Memorial Fun Fly 2010 sponsored by the Scale Squadron of So. CA.

-People’s Choice Award – 3rd Place

-Best Scale, Most Realistic Flight – 1st Place
ASM is proud to have Larry Wolfe and JHH on the Team. Larry sure flew the B17G superbly this last weekend. Thank you to the Scale Squadron and Larry Wolfe for a great a event and a great piloting job!

See You In AZ for the 1/8th AirForce Scale Fly-In

March 12, 2010

It’s been crazy busy! Finished the Scale Squadron Newsletter, went to the meeting, Finished my Ryan STA (will update build page, promise!!!), went to my daughter’s middle school chorus concert, went to my son’s college Jazz Band performance today, and went to my Dad’s club meeting this week too in Hesperia! Time is blowin by! Oh, and next weekend is RCX.

So, what did I decide to do? Right in the middle of all this, I’m going to AZ this weekend for the 1/8th Fun Fly. Flying the Ryan  and the Big ASM 120″ B17.

So, if you’re in Phoenix this weekend, stop by! And if you’re around next weekend in So CA come see us at RCX!


Fun Fun Stuff

February 26, 2010

Well, some time ago I was poking around for direction.. what to build next?

Will start a build page for each of these, but I’m now working on 3 planes (with a little help from my friends…)

1. OK Model Kit of the Irwin Ohlsson Pacemaker. An RC version of Irwin’s free-flight CA STATE CHAMP.. from 1937. This is a beautiful Cabin model.

2. Jet Hangar Hobbies Panther, EDF. Yep, jet bug bit me. I was really impressed with Larry Wolfe’s Panther. Air brakes, drooping leading edge mixed with flaps, retractable tail hook, etc. Very cool and give or take 175mph. Yep, speed and scale.. Very cool

3. BH Models ARF 46 size Ryan STA. Civilian. Pretty plane. Very refined. Covered in Oracover.

All 3 will be electric. That way I can fly them just about anywhere.

Questions? Comments? Let me know!

Nice Event Schedule for the West Coast

January 22, 2010

Matt Sylvester in Arizona put this together. I thought it was nice.. He’s staying ahead of even the AMA on some of the local events

West Coast Schedule

Also, I’ll be out with the Airtronics Tent and we’ll most likely be showing the B17 from ASM in the Jet Hangar booth next weekend in Airzona for the Electric Festival. If you’re in the Phoenix area, that weekend (30 and 31) come by, say hi!

Here’s a link: Electric Festival

AMA EXPO – Huge Success in 2010

January 12, 2010

Jack Albrecht, Craig Kaplan, Eric Biddle - The Airtronics Guys

Thank you to everyone for coming out to see us in Ontario. This year, AMA was a GREAT host. I want to say thank you to everyone at the AMA for their hard work and dedication to make this show a reality every year. It is a positive influence in the hobby.

The Hobby People booth was packed with modelers talking to the folks from our stores. We offered a lot of great prices and it was great to see so many people carrying around blue bags full of Hobby People goodies!

The Airtronics booth was equally busy. We had Jack Albrecht with us all weekend down from his northern CA home. It is good to see Jack every year in person at the show. My father, John, and many of his Victor Valley fellow club members came out and hung-out in the booth. We all got to talk Airplanes and show off the new Airtronics radios, receivers and servos. We just released 9 new servos and a new economy full range 6ch receiver. Airtronics is doing everything it can to make the hobby more affordable!

Colonel Robert E Thacker with Sam Wright - AMA Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony

Besides seeing so many friends and family, the highlight for the weekend was the Colonel’s AMA Hall of Fame membership ceremony. He’s a great guy and deserving of the recognition. It was the feel-good moment of the show with people like the Renaud’s, Gus Ohlsson, and the AMA President along with 3 or 4 hundred others all applauding the man of the hour! The hobby is made up and lead by a lot of great people. And some of them, like the Colonel, even at 92 years young, still like to fly (and fly FAST I might add!) The Colonel has been an Airtronics pilot for as long as Airtronics has been around!

A Fantastic Event. Don’t miss it next year! I know you all bought a lot of new toys at the show,  go FLYING and have some FUN!!! I’ll see you out there!


Several Receivers for RDS8000 and SD-10G

January 11, 2010

Many Airtronics users have wondered if there are other receivers available for the RDS8000 and SD-10G besides the stock receivers?

Here’s a list:

There is an 8, a 7 and a 6 channel available. All 3 are full range and the 6ch is quite small and affordable
Click the links:

There is also an affordable lightweight park flyer receiver. With the case off it is only 4 grams or so making it very nice for indoor planes, small helis, etc.