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Starting Off 2012 Right with a Successful Maiden Flight

January 2, 2012

N-Tech Jets is working to bring out several jets for 2012. One of those jets is the Hawk. We test flew a sample today using electric power. As you may have seen in my previous post about this plane, Larry Wolfe at Jet Hangar Hobbies helped out by building the prototype sample. He installed his E-Turbax Fan with custom Neu Motor controlled by a brand new Ice 2 160HV Castle Creations ESC. Battery is 6500mAh 12S Li-PO. Radio is SD-10G. Retracts are N-Tech Jets retracts and struts and control system designed for the Hawk.

Larry brought it out to PVMAC today, Jan 1, 2012, for it’s first flight. And what a GREAT flight! Take off was perfect, flight performance looked GREAT, and landing was SMOOTH!

The Hawk will be available 2nd Quarter 2012 from Hobby People and N-Tech Jets Dealers. It’s an awesome 68″ wing span, 21 pound, 120mm EDF high performance model. What a GREAT flyhing airplane!

The N-Tech Jets Hawk is a winner. I’m looking forward to a hundred more successful flights!

Thank you to Jet Hanger, Larry Wolfe, and Tim Johnson for all their help!

A perfect way to start off 2012!



Sneak Peak at a new N-Tech Jets Model

December 23, 2011

It’s a prototype Hawk. Retracts and struts are included and installed. This one will be flown first with a JHH fan and then will be flown with some top secret Larry-Special fan equipment. More to come soon. Enjoy the pics!

PVMAC Toys for Tots

December 1, 2011
PVMAC Toys for Tots Dec 4. Chino, CA. Prado Airpark

Toys for Tots at PVMAC

I hope to see a big turn-out this weekend for the Toys for Tots Fun Fly at PVMAC. I’ll be out there with the ASM B17, NT Jets Panther, and perhaps a couple of new BH Models Prototypes. Obviously this is a great cause, PVMAC is a GREAT Club, and Prado is a great field.

Click  HERE to get more info!


Panther Maiden Voyage

November 29, 2011

John Reid from Model Airplane News posted coverage of my N-Tech Jets Panther maiden voyage.

Click Here!

Some shots at Toledo..

May 20, 2010

Last month I worked the Toledo Show as I’ve done for the last several years with Hobby People and Airtronics. Toledo is simply spectacular for RC Aircraft. If you have a passion for R/C you should go to Toledo at least once. Airtronics and Hobby People booths were simply packed all weekend. I gave two seminars, one on the basics of using 2.4GHz radios and one that was simply an info-mercial in-person for Airtronics. Team Member Mark Atwood every year gives a seminar on intro to programming computer radios. Each are well-attended by friendly modelers. GOT to love the midwest. Everyone is so friendly and polite and EXCITED about our hobby!

Here’s a link to my photo album with static shots of some of the display aircraft. These displays are ALWAYS beautiful!

Toledo Shots

Actual FAQ’s for RDS8000 Airtronics

April 11, 2008

Previously I posted asking all of you for some pertinent questions you want to know about 2.4GHz equipment.

After giving my speech about 2.4GHz radios at the Toledo Show, I could see I need to light a fire under this subject. So, I’m trying it out here first…I’ll throw up a few, then you all can comment and we’ll build this database up!

RDS8000 FAQ’s

1. Why 2.4GHz? Why not 5.8GHz, 900MHz, etc.

2.4GHz is in a open consumer band that has many benefits. For example:

-There is simply less ‘model airplane’ interference through the 2.4GHz band. Most interference from vibrating metal parts, motor controllers, brushless motors, etc. all seem to be under 100MHz or so, thus making 2.4GHz very resistent to typical interference in our applications.

-This band is becoming more universal world-wide. For the first time, we benefit from the development of big industry electronics. And while “over the counter” components do not really work on their own for our applications, there is some much great support and technology already in existence it makes for better and faster development of the technology adjusted for our application. So, there’s equipment and technology available world wide AND when our pilots travel around the world, more and more countries use this same band, thus making the radios useful without modification world-wide.

-The FCC rules are different! The band is designed around preventing interference, thus the radios are working to keep your model safe from interference. It’s a whole different way of looking at how to use digital technology to work for the user.

2. What is FHSS?

-This stands for Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum. What is means, in effect, is that the radio frequency is actually jumping around all the time. The idea is if the radio is transmitting on a specific radio frequency for a moment that has interfering transmissions, by the time these radio waves might have an affect, the radio has already switch to another frequency. It happens several times per second.

3. Can the radio loose it’s unique code?

-The Airtronics RDS8000 is written such a way that the code cannot be lost.

4. What about antenna placement?

-Antenna placement is important. The two antenna portions (the last inch of what looks like antenna..the black part is just an extension) at the end of each extension must be perpendicular (at 90 degrees) to each other. But they can be right next to each other or far apart, that is up to you. Why the extensions? So that you can position the antennas away from wires, carbon fibre parts, etc.

5. What is the range?

-As near as we can tell, no one is claiming a specific range. Why? Because so many factors can affect range! We tested the radio side by side with other brands and found it to be as good or better. Our empirical test was run on the ground and we had over 4000 feet of range. As you may know radio range will be vastly less on the ground than it is in the air. Also, keep in mind that at 4000 feet, you generally can’t see a 60 size plane well enough to tell orientation. 40 size planes tend to disappear.

Ok, Here’s 5 to get started. Give me some more questions and I’ll answer them! We can build the FAQ for RDS8000 together!


Preachy about the AMA

April 10, 2008

I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I read TONS of comments about problems at the AMA, long winded criticism, and cutting jokes and comments about the AMA.

I must say first.. Criticism is important. It gives scope, perspective, and in many cases can initiate change. However, I feel there are two types of criticism…

Destructive Criticism

Constructive Criticism

The AMA is the ONLY organization we have. It is the binding body that gives our hobby longevity, established flying fields, insurance, and an advocate for our hobby that is powerful enough to actually lobby position to politicians, the FAA, Homeland security, etc…

So, it really BUGS ME when I see nothing but anonymous criticism of the DESTRUCTIVE sort. Frankly speaking, here it is…

SHAME on those for going about it this way.

On the other hand, like I said, Constructive Criticism is AWESOME. Making things better, solving problems, fixing bad decisions, standing on good ones, sharing ideas, and moving our group forward… Yep, Constructive Criticism is AWESOME.

So, why do people choose to simply tear down the one thing that actually (while certainly not perfect) is kinda’ the only system we have? Don’t know really. Anger, Fear, Lack of Confidence,? Whatever the motivation, don’t let these people fool you.

We are BETTER OFF for having the AMA.

Is there stuff you don’t like? GREAT! Go to your local club and share. If others agree, maybe you’re onto something? Can you think of a suggestion? GREAT!! Check it out….turns out the AMA has local representives and their contact information is in the AMA Magazine! You can go to someone who can actually voice your ideas to those who can do something about it!

Bottom line: Don’t be a Hater… GET INVOLVED…

PLEASE. I feel that as modelers together we can really make a difference. If all we do is offer destructive criticism, all we’re doing is spinning our wheels. And that’s really never really a very good idea, is it???

Sorry for the preachy comments. I’ll step down from my little soap box now.

Wait, I’ll get back on.. One more thing…

Talk to your AMA representative about the Park Pilot Program. TRY to see this new program from their point of view. This program is really in its infancy and for an organization sometimes noted for moving slowly or not at all, this is a pretty out-of-the-box program that could help truly make our hobby grow and truly soar, especially in crowded urban and suburban areas in our fine country.

So, please, for the good of modelers, share your ideas and criticisms with the AMA leadership, or better yet, get involved yourself!

Truly you can make a difference (I know… a pretty trite thing to say.. don’t care.. I said it anyway!)

Keep on Flying!!!


P.S., Ok, no one can be completely informed, I found this today AFTER I posted this. Not only can you approach your local AMA representative, but here…You can read about and approach the President of the AMA DIRECTLY!!!!!!

Pretty cool I think…

IHOBBYEXPO.COM (Chicago ’07)

October 16, 2007

The IHOBBYEXPO show in Chicago is this week. Some of the guys here have already left for Chicago to setup the booth. I leave tomorrow.

This is the first time we have represented Airtronics at the show and also the first time Global Hobby has exhibited at the show in several years. Frankly, it feels good to be back. I’ve been attending this show since 1989. Most of the big names in the hobby will be there.

However, what I personally most look forward to is seeing so many people. Customers, fellow modelers, and industry friends and aquaintances I normally only get to email or talk to on the phone. Modeling is as much social as it is creative, and this show is a time to be social while we all take in the creativity that is modeling. One walk around the train layouts shows just how cool modeling is in all its categories.

Anyway, I’ll bring back pictures to post here of course. We’re showing new stuff of course and I’m sure there’s tons of other cool stuff to photograph. PLEASE, if you’re in the Chicago area this weekend, come to the show, stop by the Global/Airtronics/XTM booth, say “Hi!”. I’ll be around until Sunday afternoon.

 I look forward to seeing you there.


My First Real Post

October 12, 2007

RDS8000 First Test Day Aug 27

(I’m the guy 2nd from the left…)

It’s a monumental event! I’ve actually created my first “real” post to my personal Blog that I established recently (recently…not really…. I actually signed up months and months ago.. but I wouldn’t want to rush into anything…)

The thing is being one of the R&D guys at Hobby Shack/Hobby People/Global/Airtronics USA has kept me pretty busy since then. Tradeshows from Toledo to California, and even in Shanghai and Beijing, China have made it seem like I’m never home. My kids hardly remember my name (luckily I bring them the odd-present or two which helps jog their memory.)

I would say my work here at the ‘Shack is pretty darn exciting. Well exciting for me since I’ve been into R/C hobbies since I was born. I’m a 2nd generation flyer. But enough about me.

Tons of GREAT stuff is happening in the hobby. I see a lot of it pretty early on and think maybe other R/C Pilots might enjoy seeing some of this stuff too.

For example. At the end of August I flew the first 2.4GHz Sanwa/Airtronics airplane radio every made. It was a hand-made sample built from an RD8000. Today, we have the first production quality samples of the transmitter (receiver case is not quite done yet) already! I’ve sent some out to some of our pilots for testing at some of the most interference ridden flying fields in the USA. Everyone wants 2.4GHz radios from Airtronics RIGHT NOW! But, we’re not releasing a thing until the factory engineers, our flight team, and ME agree that the radio is performing flawlessly. So, extensive testing is being done all across the country.

I get the fun job of not only trying one myself, but Sanwa/Airtronics extensively test the radio with our team all across the country! Fun stuff.

Anyway, I’m not sure where all this blogging stuff will go, but I think it will be fun to show off some of the fun hobby stuff I’ve been doing and get connected with all you modelers blogging out there (well, when you’re not at the flying flield!)

I do requests to so if anyone has any R/C Related Hobby questions/comments/concerns/requests, feel free to let me know. I’ll do everything I can to help you out.

Later all!


-Dedicated to the true champions, those who fly for fun!!!!