My name is Mike Greenshields. I’m a life-long avid modeler and grew up in Radio Control Hobbies. Now I work in the industry. My position is Vice President of Marketing and Product Development for Hobby People and our Distribution Division: Global Hobby Distributors.

A little history about Mike Goes Flying….

The Blog here really started as a burden forced upon me by the powers that be here at Hobby People as well as our webmaster who kind of guilted me into it. Who would have thought I would have liked having a blog? But they were right, I was wrong, and as it turns out, having my own blog has turned out to be a lot of fun and an effective way of letting those who are interested know about what we’re doing here at Hobby People/Airtronics/Global…

Mostly, as it turns out, the feedback from the readers has been inspiring in my job and has made the hobby a lot more fun for me. Thank you!

Today, the Blog has become my corner of the blogoshere in which I can post the latest stuff we’re doing, the latest stuff that I happened to be interested in, from travel to airplanes, and in all it’s a great way for modelers to be able to tap into the going-ons here at Hobby People.

Have questions or comments???????? Don’t be shy, let me know what you’re thinking.. what you want to know. Meanwhile, please know how much I appreciate everyone stopping in to read my latest run-ons and babblings.




15 Responses to “About”

  1. Bob Smith Says:

    Will the RD8000 ever be produced with features that the Stylus had?
    i.e. multiple rates on rudder and a twin throttle option.

    With the proliferation of 3D, tail dragger scale and aerbatic aircraft, along with multi engine birds, the features are a must have.

    I have every Airtronics model from the Championship series through the Stylus and all in between. Except the RD8000.

    Regards, Bob Smith

  2. HUGH NELSON Says:

    Nice to see you got a blog space Mike. Need ot coem back in and say hello to you. My pops and I made room in the garage and were gettign back into building. (not life long flying trying to be a 3rd gen flyer). Miss the hobby and customers here. SOmething workign in an office dosent have. Didnt think i would miss it but i do. WEl enough chat. Nice ot asee this page and i will check back more. Cant wait ot see pics of Chicago, one place i wanted to go the ime i worked with you guys. (and really i wanted ot go).
    WEll chat with you later. Cant wait to see more!

  3. mikegoesflying Says:

    Hugh! Glad to hear from you. We’re all busy as normal, but if you need any help with anything with the hobby, let me know. BTW, remember my kids? They’re giant-sized now! Even my little girl is 10 and almost as tall as me!

  4. mikegoesflying Says:

    The RDS8000 is ONLY the FIRST 2.4GHz radio! Of course there’s more coming.

    First thing is a 10 channel. We need a Stylus replacement! Latest technology, that sort of thing.

    But we’re also working on other sport radios and even a 2.4GHz module and matching receiver for the Stylus. It’s still a great radio that a lot of people like.

    So, if you don’t like the RDS8000, that’s OK! There’s more coming!


  5. Ed Grant Says:

    Hi Mike, I was so happy to find your blog! Let me know when you are out in the Lake Elsinore area and maybe we can do some soaring in the Ortegas. 🙂 Miss you! Ed

  6. Manofallmen Says:

    Hope you can help! Ive had a turbo vector for a quite awhile now and im reluctant to fly it. The first time i took it out it took a digger and became multiple pieces again. since then i have repaired the airplane but have not had the courage to take it out again. i put a brushless in runner in it and i have a 3c lipo i stick in it every now and then to blow out my garage, works amazingly well! Should i start out with a different type of DF aircraft before the vector? Should i stay away from the lipo or just add nose weight?

  7. mikegoesflying Says:

    Turbo Vector should not be that hard to fly. Check the wing and stab incidence. Make sure they are level to each other (or if you consider the stab as level, the wing can have 1-2 degrees of positive incidence.

    Check the balance. Adjust as needed.

    Go fly. it should be fine. A 3 cell Lipo should be no problem. There are many different motors out there, so there is no way for me to tell if it is good enough. Most likely it is.

    The Phase 3 Phantom is a very easy to fly EDF. If you are considering something new, that might be a good one. It is a wing with a fan on it basically. It is simple, flies well, and glides well.


  8. Tommy D Says:

    Hi Mike

    Hey can you give us the Skinny on the BH “Lion” seen recently? I was wondering if it will be sold by HP here in the USA, or by “the other guys” under the Graupner label.

    Thanks and take care.

    Tommy D

  9. mikegoesflying Says:

    The Glimore Oil Company Red Lion Racer is on order with BH. It’s looking like we have an arrival date of June 25


  10. Tommy D Says:

    WooHoo! Do you have any more info on it Mike???

  11. mikegoesflying Says:

    I will have details with pics posted next week. Here’s what I have today…
    Span: 57.87″
    Length: 46.46″
    Weight: 5.94lb
    Engine: 46-52, 2826 to 4120bl motor
    4 channels, 5 servos

    The wheel spats are nicely built and a fair portion of the wheel pokes out. If you’re flying off grass, you’ll need a bigger wheel
    The cowl is awesome. The dummy cylinders really look great.
    Ours is built and it balanced no problem with a 46 two stroke. We have pulled that and put in a 2826 KMS BL motor. We’ll do the first test flights electric powered. The only mod so far is to get the motor far enough. We put it on all-thread stand offs with alum tubes and nuts (typical backplate motor mounting procedure.)

    I’ll have more in a formal post next week.


  12. Tom B Says:


    Will the new 2.4GHZ Stylus module work on a Vision transmitter?
    If not, could it be modified to work with the Vision?


  13. Joe Parsons Says:

    I have just been given a Heli card for my well-loved Stylus. Problem is, I have no manual. I understand you might be the go-to guy for that. Might you have one, or tell me where I can get one?

    Joe Parsons

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