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Not Enough Time In A Day

October 21, 2009

I’m really excited about the Fly-In this weekend in Vegas, but a little dissappointed too… B17 is NOT finished. Work, responsibility, etc just got in the way! I’m Bummed. I want to fly it SO bad, but I don’t want to rush it either. Servos are in, retracts are in, surfaces are all hinged and linked, all 4 motors are in, RX battery is in. Some of the windows are glued.

Still to do:

Fit/Mount Flight Batteries

Run Servo Extensions

Install Retract Control Valve

Test Retracts

Modify Cockpit canopy assembly so that it is removable to access switch, fill valve, charge jack.

Plug Hole in Cowls where they were ground out for the Engine Installation section in the manual. We’re going electric so we don’t need those holes anymore! This requires a fair amount of work as well as paint matching and painting.

Run up motors, make final prop choices.

Install Receiver

Final complete system Check

Range Test

Test Fly

That’s more than I’m going to do in a day.

Anyway, this weekend we’ll still be flying a VAN-Load of planes…

1. Squall. We’ll have at least 2 Squalls, maybe 3 or 4. I’m bringing two: 1 with 3 cell and 1 with 4 cell with Thrust Vector. Should be fun.

2. Model Tech Super Fli Prototype. 84″ Span, 10S pack. It’s a fun, good looking, scale aircraft. And since Phil Kraft designed the Full-Scale, that makes it VERY cool. For those who haven’t seen one, it looks a little like a mono-wing Pitts.

3. Phase 3 Mini Mustang. Just like the Mini Spitfire, We’re releasing a Mini Mustang and it will be FUN to get this little guy out there. It’s fast!

4. Speaking of Fast.. We’ll be flying the Mini Mach Racer from Model Tech. Weight is 16 oz ready to fly, thrust is 16 ounces at full throttle. That’s some fun power on a little tiny plane!

5. BH Models 46 Size Gilmore Red Lion Racer. We’re running a 4120 KMS motor. Has a hatch in the bottom for battery access.

Will be flying, of course, with the SD-10G and the RDS8000. So, we’ll have radios out there to show, answer questions, etc. If you have any questions, etc. about Airtronics, drop by!  We’ll show you all the new ATX Digi’s coming out too! (Shhh it’s kinda’ a secret! Well, maybe not anymore!)

Mike B. and Mark S. will be there too in the HP Tent and they’re bringing Squalls too I think. So maybe we’ll have 4?

So, if you’re in Vegas this weekend and want to check out these planes, stop by! Bill Bennet TOC field. Sat and Sun!

See you there!



Kyle Paulson – More Wins with Airtronics

October 20, 2009

Kyle just sent this in (Kyle is a World-Level Championship Sailplane Pilot flying many disciplines now with his SD-10G):

Recent Accomplishments:

1)      1st in the SCSR Cal Cup Points Series.

2)      5th place overseas at the German Open!

3)       2nd place Team USA at the Open! It was a great time.

Looking forward,

Kyle Paulson


Scale Squadron

October 15, 2009

Just a quick update.. I’ve been over to the Scale Squadron meeting a couple of times, showing off new stuff from BH, ASM, Airtronics, etc.  They ALWAYS treat me well. And since they’re all scale-buff’s they always give me insight and details on the planes. It’s a great give and take! Here’s a few pics.. Notice the full size pilot with his life size radio!

Big stack o' planes

Big stack o' planes

Gus & RD 8000 2.4

Gus & RD 8000 2.4


October 14, 2009

Getting ready for the upcoming Vegas event, I’ve been working to finish up several airplanes to fly. I plan on bringing the following:

Model Tech 84″ Super Fli

Model Tech Mini Mach Racer

Phase 3 Prototype Mini Mustang

Phase 3 Squal 4S with Thrust Vector

BH Models Gilmore Red Lion Racer

And the BIG DADDY…

120″ ASM B17 Flying Fortress “Shoo Shoo Shoo Baby” (look it up!). It’s a MONSTER.

All are electric power of course, and all except for the B17 have already flown and are GREAT! So, assuming they all survive the final “get-ready” flights next week, we’ll have quite the line up of planes to fly.

So, if you’re in Vegas for the Fun Fly 24/25 stop by Bennet Memorial Field and Check the planes, the Hobby People setup (Mike  and Mark are bringing a stack of planes too!), and just say “Hi”.

I hope to see you there!


Flying in Vegas! – Vegas Electrifest

October 2, 2009

Hi All,

I  will be headed out to the Ace In The Hole – Vegas Electrifest  Oct 24/25. Will have some of the prototypes, etc on display at the event and will try to get in a little flying while I’m there if time permits.

Here’s their official blog: Flying Aces

Stop by and say hi!