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November 28, 2009

David Vaught Flying his BIG CUB

Everyone loves a Cub. Versatile, predictable, easy, classic.. all bundled up into 1 word – FUN

David Vaught is modeler and part-time R/C Hobby Author. He’s reviewing the BH Models Cub for an upcoming Model Airplane News Magazine review. I got this brief teaser from him today!

“Had the photo shoot today.  Awesome to say the least.  That Magnum 120 4-stroke is a beast and flew the Cub very well.  Just an all around great day of flying and photography.  I will get this submitted to the Magazine Editors ASAP.

Thanks for your support.  Happy Holidays.

If you want to check out the Cub, click HERE

Look for the review in Model Airplane News! Coming Soon!